10 Halloween Costumes Inspired By Your Favourite Movies

Halloween 2021 won't know what hit it

Legally Blonde – Golden Age Cinema and Bar

We all have a favourite movie, don’t we? Whether it’s one that makes you sob or jump up and dance, there’s plenty of entertainment to be taken from some of the world’s most iconic flicks, including fashion.

From Mean Girls to Twilight, there’s plenty of films to take inspiration from, and save you a few quid from buying a whole new costume on too.

Below are just a few of the latest and greatest movies that can make for a great Halloween costume. Whether you want it to be stand out in your costume or keep things low key with a little mystery around it, we’ve got you covered.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter star reacts to HBO spin-off series reports | HELLO!

This franchise has stuck with generation after generation and still remains popular to this day. Plus, once you buy a traditional Hogwarts student costume, you’re set. It’s one of the more obvious costumes and you can even pay homage to your House too.

But, if a wand and a robe isn’t enough for you, you could push things further and dress as Dementors, Thestrals, Askaban prisoners, or magical creatures. The list is endless.

Legally BlondeBend and snap': Legally Blonde 3 has been confirmed for the big screen |  IMAGE.ie

“You’re breaking up with me cos I’m too….blonde?!?!” Elle Woods was such a fashion queen, and you can be too. With so many iconic outfits to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Some of the most popular is her first day at Harvard Law outfit and her pink Jackie-O outfit from the sequel.

To All The Boy I’ve Loved Before To All the Boys I've Loved's new meme is an honest take on dating - Polygon

Lara Jean and Co rarely step a wrong foot when it comes to their style, even though the preface of the first movie is that she is somewhat of a cast out. Watching all 3 of the movies, we definitely have fashion envy. The best part about this costume is you likely have all of the bits already hanging in your wardrobe, grab your preppiest pieces and go to town.

Pitch Perfect

Coronavirus: 'Pitch Perfect' Bellas reunite to sing Beyoncé's 'Love on Top'  - Deseret News

Ahhh Pitch perfect. One of the classics of the 2010s. Comedy, girl power, and amazing vocal arrangements all rolled into one. All of these characters have very different personalities and fashion senses when off stage so it’s very easy to pull something together, whether you’re dressing up alone or as a group with your friends. Whether this is the prim and proper “flight attendant” vibe outfits from the beginning, the sailor style outfits from “Cheap Thrills” in the third movie, or even the black and gold theme outfits from the finale performance of Freedom. It’ll be aca-awesome!

Black Widow

Black Widow timeline and the new Marvel movie order, explained - Polygon

This is one of the newer flicks as it recently hit cinemas and has just been made available to anyone with Disney+ too. You can dress in Nat’s traditional Black Widow dark and edgy style, you can adopt Yeleena’s slightly softer but still kick-ass wardrobe or go full-on white fighting suit. Just make sure to perfect your fighting pose before you head out! To take things to the next level, there’s also plenty of tutorials out there on how to do Yeleena’s double pony hairstyle too.

The Nightmare Before Christmas The Nightmare Before Christmas 2' Is Happening As A Young Adult Book

There hasn’t been a Halloween since this Tim Burton classic came out that we’ve not seen someone dressed like one of these beloved characters. Whether it’s Jack the Pumpkin King himself, a classic Sally, or even an Oogie Boogie. In fact, we’ve often pulled off a Sally look at the last minute by doing the classic make-up and distressing some old clothes, so simple! Who needs a last minute cat costume when you have this!

Mean Girls

My favourite film aged 12: Mean Girls | Comedy films | The Guardian

Basic? maybe. Effective? always. Anyone can recognise a Regina George a mile off, grab whatever’s pink in your wardobe, mock up a burn book and hey presto, costume sorted.

Great Gatsby

Daisy Buchanan Great Gatsy Pictures - Gatsby Fashion Ideas

Oh we love a retro look, and what could be more retro than The Great Gatsby? You could dress up as protagonist Daisy with a blonde wig and drip yourself out with (fake) diamonds, or opt for a generic flapper girl instead, no one would be any the wiser.

Hunger Games A Hunger Games Prequel Movie Is Coming to Brighten Our Current Dystopia |  Vanity Fair

It might have been overdone at the time, but Hunger Games has proven itself to be timeless and there are so many ways to dress like any of the characters. You might dress exactly like Effie Trinket, or an average citizen of the Capitol, or you might be more comfy dressing like Katniss – that’s the beauty of this film, the dress up possibilities are endless. With a leather jacket and boots, all you need to do is nail the signature braid and you’re good to go.

Suicide Squad

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The costume options are endless in this movie. Yes, Harley Quinn may be a little overdone at this stage, but for good reason – it’s good. You and your friends could each take a different character, or you could pay homage to Harley and take a different Harley outfit through the years. From the classic black, white, and red all the way up to the more recent ‘Daddy’s little monster’.

By Sadhbh Pearse