10 Nail Trends Taking Over Your IG Feed

BRB, off to paint my nails.

The sun is finally shining, for now, meaning we’re all feeling the effects of it and our mood is that bit better. We’re reaching for the brighter pieces in the wardrobe, even if it’s just a pair of mint green leggings. Grabbing sunglasses before going for a walk. And our nail polish is getting brighter to pair with the weather.

Summer is officially on the way, and although it may be raining tomorrow, it’s not gonna stop us from getting excited for the brighter days ahead. So do you fancy adding some summer vibes to your nails?

Here are ten nails trends that are taking over your IG feed, perfect for spring and summer.

Stars for Days

Stars on nails are everywhere right now. And the good news? If you have mini brushes at home (the kind that you can pick up in Mr Price, Deals) and some patience, practice makes perfect with these.

Cute n Checkered

Maybe not the easiest thing to recreate at home yourself. But again, with some patience and practice, and maybe a bit of tape to help you keep your lines straight, you’ll get there.

Sweet Swirls

Swirls are everywhere right now, everywhere! The great thing about them is that they don’t have to be absolutely perfect, and you can mix and match as you like.


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Keeping It Classic

Classic nails will never go out of style. Even take things up a notch with the palest of pinks and a hint of shimmer. They’ll look amazing in the sun.


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Glitter Fade

Another thing that we’ll probably never tire of, glitter. If applying it all over the nail is a bit much for you, take this as inspo and fade it up the nail. It’ll work with any glitter polish, and it’s pretty simple to do too.


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Lemonade Vibes

What screams summer more than a gorgeous yellow shade? You don’t have to have your nails as long as these, but painting your nails bright yellow is sure to lift your mood. Even if it does start raining again tomorrow.


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Smiley Faces, Always

Speaking of lifting your mood: Smiley faces. Let’s say no more, eh?

Green Swirls and Tips

This makes swirls even easier, by scattering them on your nails, in no particular order. Add a green tip here, a swirl there, done, dusted and gorgeous.


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Neon Leopard Print

Leopard print is here to stay, and pairing it with neon colours gives it those summer vibes that we all love. Brb, trying this right now.


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Colourful Swirls

Ready to get even more colourful? Look no further! If you’re trying this at home, don’t fret too much if the colours run into each other a little. Chances are, the result will look like you did it on purpose.

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