10 Nice Things To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

From skincare to salt lamps.

The evenings are getting darker and it’s colder outside, so it’s easy for anyone to catch the winter blues. We’ve come up with a few sure-fire ways to get the pep back in your step and get you through the winter months.

Pick a new candle scent – one of the best parts when the season changes are finding your new favourite scents! We are absolute suckers for buying new candles and winter is no exception. We’ve been focussing on woody scents during autumn. Now it’s time for richer and warmer scents to get ready for Christmas. We love this one from Dunnes.

Get in the mood for food – With the weather getting colder and the nights drawing in, the days feel so short and we can feel down in the dumps that we don’t get the same joy out of heading out to dinner. So we tend to rely on just throwing on something frozen in the oven or our Just Eat app. Start looking up recipes for hot and hearty dishes that last for days and will warm you up from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. Soups on!

Light it up– Since it’s dark outside, you may be taking some time to adjust to the lighting around the house. If your room feels to dark or event too bright, like about changing your bulb or picking up a lamp that will give you a cosy glow. Or try a salt lamp! These lovely glowing rocks have been gaining popularity the last few years and they are amazing! They have so many benefits like purifying the air around you but they are so soothing and help you achieve better sleep.

Learn about holistic approaches – Learning new things can help pick up your mood and learning about holistic approaches can help lift your spirits and teach you new ways to approach. We are big fans of aromatherapy, meditation, and crystals and what they mean. These things can not only bring in good energy but also help make your room cosier and calmer.

Journaling – Writing down your feelings, thoughts, or even just what you got up to that day can be a huge help when it comes to helping you turn your frown upside down. Head out and buy yourself a cute journal and a good pen and get to it!

Hop on the bandwagon – With the invention of Tiktok, trends are churning out faster than ever, and with the viral audios that can come from anyone and become a viral sensation, it can be so much fun to hop on the bandwagon and get in on the trend.

Get physical –  When we’ve got the blues, the last thing we want to do is to get up and move around. But we all know that with a bit of exercise, we do feel better in the long run. Even if it’s just so we can say we did it. Make sure to change up the routine everyone once in a while like switching from walks to classes online or YouTube tutorials like yoga or zumba.

Tune time – Blasting your favourite tunes and raging against the machine is sometimes just what the doctor ordered! Whether you have a favourite album, you make a playlist, or find one on Spotify, get ready to tock out!

Get your watch on  – If the troubles of life are getting you down, grab your headphones and drown out the world with your favourite movies and shows. Even if it’s just one episode, it’s a whole hour to yourself without worrying about everything and everyone else. Check out our Netflix picks if you’re not sure what to watch!

Take care of your skin  –  We often skip steps with things that seem extravagant like a full-on skincare routine. But skincare is selfcare! If you’ve already got the products at home, take the time to apply all your fave bits to help remind yourself that you’re deserving of some TLC. Or, if you’ve saved up or you’re looking for a gift for your birthday or Christmas, pop into your local salon/spa and have a skin consultation to see what type of products and skincare routine you should try. Taking the time out of your day to take care of yourself is paramount to your well-being and mental health.


By Sadhbh Pearse