10 Pretty Hair Styles For Your Debs

From salon picks to your fave celebs

The debs may have been on hold for almost two years, but now, many schools are getting the chance to have theirs just a little later.

By now, you probably have your dress, and an idea of what your makeup might look like, but if you’re stuck on ideas for your hair, allow us to give you some inspo.

Whether you’ve got long or short hair, your dress is strapless or has a detailed neckline, we’ve got plenty of ideas, from salon shots to your fave celebs.

Princess Hair

Perfect if: You want to leave your hair down but off your face to show off stunning earrings, a nice neckline or flawless contour.

Braided beauty

If you don’t want to wear your hair totally down, but don’t want an updo either, a loose, thick braid is perfect.

Bob & Braid

If you love to curl your bob or shorter hair, but want to take it up a notch for the special day, adding a simple braid can work wonders.

Glam Pony

Love wearing your hair in a ponytail but worried it’s not glam enough for your prom or debs. Think silky volume, and you’ve got yourself the perfect hair style.

Beads and Jewellery

If you’re going with box braids, you can add some extra glam by using beads and jewellery which compliment your dress or outfit. Got gold accessories? Match them with the beads in your hair. Sporting a blue dress? Add some blue beads to really make the look pop.

Hollywood rollers

Long or short, Hollywood roller style hair always looks totally beautiful and retro. Perfect if you’re opting for a red dress or a totally chic gown.

Wet Look

For a totally modern look that will compliment any chic outfit, the wet look is IT.

Bun n’ Bangs

Another gorge hairstyle for any length, a bun with cute wavy bangs look incredible with pretty earrings and good contour for the ultimate snatched look.

Sleek Bun

If you’d prefer to keep the bangs off your face and totally let your makeup do the talking, the sleek bun is everything.

Bubble braids

If you want a TikTok worth look that’s fun as well as dressed up, Bubble braids are your go-to


Which one is your fave?