10 Memorable Moments From The Late Late Toy Show Over The Years

Ryan Tubridy once called The Late Late Toy Show “a very special place where dreams can actually come true” and …

Ryan Tubridy once called The Late Late Toy Show “a very special place where dreams can actually come true” and we absolutely believe him.

This doodle sums up exactly how we’ve felt watching the Late Late Toy Show over the years. It is the ultimate Irish guilty pleasure, and we don’t care who knows. So grab your new Christmas pyjamas and stock up on treats tonight!

1. John Joe, the wildly adorable lover of clocks stole our hearts. He told Ryan and the audience that he wanted to be a horologist. We’re not sure if anyone even knew what that was when he said it. Turns out it’s basically a clock doctor, horologists restore old clocks and value them at whatever they’re worth. There was such an amazing reaction to John Joe’s appearance on The Toy Show that he became a bit of a hashtag sensation. Such an articulate young lad that was just so delighted to be talking about clocks on the Late Late Toy Show!!! Each to their own, like. John Joe has made a few appearances on the Late Late Show since, and has never lost his likeability!

2. Domhnall, the footie fan, got a chance to meet his absolute IDOL, Irish footballer Robbie Keane. The young lad could barely speak when he saw the Ireland player hobble towards him on a pair of crutches after sustaining an injury in a match. He attempted to ask the footballer a few questions but literally couldn’t get the words out. He had to take a few deep breaths while Ryan stood behind him encouraging him to take his time. It actually makes us a bit emosh to watch back because it was so darn CUUUTE. LOOK AT HIS LITTLE FACE!

3. Edie Rose and Ryan Tubs made the most ridiculous looking pizza we have EVER seen. We all know pizza is divine but when you see this nonsense, you might never look at it the same again. There was cheese, broccoli, Malteasers, whipped cream… They had the ultimate craic together though, and Edie Rose was in stitches throughout her whole appearance, loving her life! Her laughter was so contagious and she was clearly having a ball letting loose on the telly!

4. Destiny and Rihanna doing a spot of singing and rapping! Oh my god, two sassy sweethearts giving it socks! They had a little choreographed dance routine and were both oozing with confidence! Love that for them. Not to mention Ryan totally immersing himself in their performance, his reactions are priceless!!!

5. TOBY! Omg. Not only are we unable to cope with him singing his little heart out to ‘Jump’ by Girls Aloud, but we also cannot deal with the girls coming out to surprise him. He is absolutely shook to the core and has no idea what to do with himself. When Pat Kenny asks him if he wants to talk to the girls he shakes his head and looks like he would prefer if the ground swallowed him whole! Totally starstruck, bless him! His outfit and hairstyle completely sent us, too. We stan a stylish king! He looks the part!!!

6. Darling Mia!!! When Ryan surprised Mia with flights to Florida for a week-long trip to Legoland with her mam, auntie, brother and cousin, you could tell she was over the moon! She was telling Ryan about wanting a dog for Christmas but that there wasn’t enough space in her house to get one. Mia went on to say that she lives with her grandparents, her mam, her brother, her auntie and her cousin because her mam found it difficult to get a house just for them. Ryan decided she needed a break away from the madness and surprised her on the Toy Show with flights from Aer Lingus.

7. When Aimee met Ed our hearts exploded into a million pieces. What a cutie. Aimee was demonstrating how to use a sing-along console and was so surprised to turn around after feeling a tap on her shoulder to find Ed Sheeran behind her! Ed was a total gent and held the microphone for her as they continued to sing together and he put his arm around her shoulder. He even brought her a teddy and a jumper!!! Every Ed Sheeran fan’s dream!

8. Brother and sister, Adam and Kayla, don’t realise that Ryan Tubs has a super special surprise for them both. Their dad had been training soldiers in Mali, Africa for 6 months and he wasn’t due to come home for another 2 months, but sure didn’t they only go and bring dad home to surprise the two kiddos on the telly!!! Adam was teary-eyed (rightly so) and in complete shock! There was definitely a tear shed watching this on our end, too… only one though.

9. Ok, we’re totally not forgetting about the sheer TALENT that the Toy Show hosts every year. This gorgeous rendition of “Lost Boy” is so stunning on every level. The singing, the dancing and the musicians. It’s so inspiring to see younger people put the time and effort into something they enjoy and to be able to perform it on national television is such a huge accomplishment. Everything down to the set design is faaab! The attention to detail is 10/10!

10. Lastly, we have to give it to Ryan’s commitment to his outfits every year. He really goes above and beyond to get into the Christmas spirit. Whether it’s a mad looking Christmas jumper full of glitter and bobbles, or a full-blown ringmaster’s get up, he’s not shy of stepping out of his comfort zone. Last year, the opening to the show was jaw-dropping. The theme was The Greatest Showman, and Ryan, of course, was the main man himself. He really puts his heart and soul into what he does for the Toy Show and does it all for the kids.


So, whether you have plans to watch it tonight or you won’t bother watching it at all, maybe you’ll see the highlights on Twitter or catch bits and bobs through your pals Instastories. Whatever you do, we can guarantee that there will be a time in your life where you will go out of your way to watch the Toy Show again. It’s good craic, and we love a few cheesy dad jokes, even if they are a tiny little bit scarlet. It’s all in the name of fun!

Words by Aimee Lyons