10 Things To Do If You’re Stuck Inside

Storm Barra is well and truly here.

Storm Barra is well and truly here! It’s time to batten down the hatches and prepare for a day stuck inside with nothing to do! We’re busy charging up all our devices and getting in some supplies before the winds really kick up. But what can we do the beat the boredom! Without further ado…

1) Clean your room

clothes hanged on brown wooden cabinet

Not the first thing you want to think about doing when you have a day off, but we’re so busy in our everyday lives, that it never gets done! So now is definitely the time to tear everything out of the wardrobe, see if there’s any close that can be donated or upcycled, and clean surfaces and furniture! Stick on a podcast or playlist and away we gooooo!

2) Study

person sitting on stack of books while reading
You finally get a day off school and you’re being told to study?!?! Yes, we want to stay in bed all day too, but with little to no distractions, no commute, and no waiting around in line at the school shop, it’s as good a time as any. At the very least, we like to set up a study schedule with lots of colourful post-its and highlighters. If you have a subject you’re struggling with, write an outline of the module so you check off each topic/chapter as you go! Record yourself reading a passage and listen to it until the information sinks in!

3) Try new makeup looks

@ismiseshannOh I’m alive♬ Wild dance – Nikki✨

Have you become as addicted to beauty videos on YouTube and TikTok as we have? Take this time to practice some new looks, practice some techniques you’ve been having trouble with. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make some transition TikToks!

4) Learn a TiktTok dance

@thistrippyhippie an actual space girl🌛🔮#dance #foryou #spacegirl #foryoupage #hippie ♬ Space Girl – Frances Forever

When we all first downloaded TikTok at the start of the first lockdown, it was all dances. So many people dancing the same routines, over and over again. Or audiobooks might be more your thing! Or flashcards? See what works best for you and do your best!

5) Make TikToks

@howdyhowdyyall1All the things ya said ##howdy ##oops ##aesthetic ##transition ##glowup ##outfitideas♬ hello ily – <3

If you’re stuck inside, you might as well have some fun! Whether it’s a TikTok dance you learned, you doing something like baking, or an exercise routine. Or tell a storytime about when something funny or insane happened! Are you decorating your house for Christmas? Vlog it! If you decide you’re going to play around with makeup, look for audios that imply transitions where you can do before and after shots.

6) Movie marathon

popcorns on clear glass bowl

If you don’t feel up to doing much and just want to be snug as a bug in a rug, get some snacks ready and pick out the movies you’d like to watch for the day. It’s the perfect time to binge all the Christmas movies you want!

7) Watch a series

black flat screen tv turned on displaying man in black suit

If you don’t have the mental space to watch a whole movie, tv shows might be more you’re speed. Is there a series you’ve been meaning to watch for ages? Now is the time! Just make sure to stretch every once in a while!

8) Start reading

woman sitting on bed while holding book


When we’re constantly running around and trying to keep up with our favorite shows, we can neglect our reading. If you’re in a bit of a reading slump like we are, try re-reading some of your old faves like Harry Potter. If you’re looking for a really good series that has multiple books and side stories, try the Mortal Instruments By Cassandra Clare! It has prequels, sequels, side stories etc.

9) Get creative

two yellow-red-blue papers

Whether it’s painting, drawing or journaling, now might be the time you find a  few hobby you love. Or get totally creative and go for something like Origami. It’s a really interesting hobby and once you watch enough YouTube videos, you need to look at any screens which will give your eyes a rest. We love making tulips and popping them around the house in place of real flowers.

10) Start writing

silver MacBook showing application

Being stuck inside because of bad weather is the sign to start writing! Whether it’s an essay, fanfiction, or a short story! Decide on the genre you want, elements of the story, your characters, and the plot. A good writer knows everything about their characters, so take the time to get a feel for them before you commit them to paper. If you’re typing, we suggest using Google Docs as you can log into it from anywhere and you don’t have to worry about losing memory sticks or devices breaking or getting lost. Or maybe articles are more your thing? You’d be surprised how fun and creative putting pen to paper (or typing) can be!

So there you have it! Plenty to keep you going on days when the weather is just rotten! Have fun!

By Sadhbh Pearse