10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kiernan Shipka

She was only five months old when she was cast in her first role.

Kiernan Shipka is a new actress on the scene who is best known for her role in Netflix’ ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This show documents the life of Sabrina (from Sabrina the Teenage Witch back in the day) but less PG and a little more thrilling. Shipka, the new Sabrina in town, has lots of fun facts that you might not have known.

She takes dancing classes
Kiernan has been taking ballroom dancing classes since the age of five. She has also been interested in ballet and made the comparison of a ballet studio to being in a different world.

Her name is Irish
Kiernan is an Irish name and it comes from the surname McKiernan which is based on Mág Tighearnán. This translates into “Son of Tighearnán”. Her mother, Erin Ann, has both Irish and Italian ancestors and her dad has ancestors from Germany, France, Czeck Republic and England.

The Sprouse twins were her childhood icons
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, a kids’ TV show, was a big hit in the early 2000s. Her dream was to be a Disney kid just like the Sprouse twins, but now she’s lucky enough to know them personally.

She is drawn toward feminist roles
Shipka enjoys playing roles that are based on women who know what they want and can stand up for themselves. In “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, Sabrina and her friends set up a club called WICCA (The Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association) at Baxter High, to help their friend when they were being bullied. She also defies rules by nominating herself to be Top Boy in the Academy of Unseen Arts.

She was almost going to play Betty Cooper in Riverdale
Before the director cast Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, they considered Kiernan for the spot. She has a similar look as Reinhart and this is another feminist role so it’s safe to say that both actors are very similar. She would have done a great job but it all worked out in everybody’s favour in the end.

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She does martial arts
It’s a bit of a surprise that Shipka takes Muay Thai boxing classes seeing as she does both ballet and ballroom dancing. She also has a black belt in taekwondo, which is the Korean martial art that is well-known for its kicks.

Her inspiration is Grace Kelly
Grace Kelly was an American Hollywood film actress known for her movies such as “To Catch a Thief”, “The Country Girl” and “Dial M for Murder”. She was most prominent in the 1950’s before she died following a car crash in 1982.

She is only 19
Kiernan is a young successful actress and one of her roles was in “Mad Men” which she received a nomination for Best Supporting Young Actress for a Young Artist Award in 2011. She was also named as one of ‘The 25 Most Influential Teens of 2014’ by ‘Time’ magazine. That’s pretty impressive at such a young age.

She is a Scorpio
Kiernan was born on the 10th of November, which makes her a Scorpio. This Zodiac sign is known as being brave, stubborn and determined which means they always work hard to reach their goals. Scorpios are also true friends so you can trust them to keep any of your secrets.

Her first TV appearance was at five months old
Shipka appeared on the television show ER at the age of five months old. Not everyone can say that they appeared on TV before they can even walk or talk but Shipka can (however, she has no memory of her first role).

Words: Roisin Maguire