10 Things You Might Not Know About Regé-Jean Page

He was in a band?!


He’s the heartthrob 2021 was deserving of, but as gorgeous as we can all agree he is, the man is still somewhat of a mystery to us all.

Although we know a lot about her character of The Duke in Bridgerton, Regé-Jean himself is pretty quiet when it coems to sharing his secrets. So, for this ’10 Things’ we’ve had to do some serious digging, but here it is – the 10 things you might not know about Regé-Jean Page.

He studied drama 

We suppose his brilliant acting skills had to come from somewhere, but Regé studied acting at Drama Centre London, before graduating in 2013. So we suppose he knew he was always destined for the big screen.

Bridgerton isn’t the only show he was in 

Bridgeton wasn’t Regé’s first big break, before the period drama he has starred in shows like Fresh Meat and For The People. However, his most known previous role was Guy Braxton in Waterloo Road, which he played back in 2015. Plus fun fact – Phoebe Dynevor who plays Daphne also had a role in Waterloo Road at one point too!

He loves reading 

Regé mentioned in an interview with In Style before that he’s obsessed with reading, particularly before he falls asleep. Always having a book on his bedside table he said:

“It’s nice to read myself a bedtime story, basically. It’s a good time to take in someone else’s thoughts and see if your brain can do something fun with that when you fall asleep.”

He’s definitely not single 


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Sorry to report this one! But Regé-Jean is reportedly loved-up with his girlfriend Emily. Emily is a writer and part-time footballer for FBB Warriors in London, and the two have been papped looking super cosy together.

He makes music 

Not only is he good at acting, Regé-Jean is also apparently a dab-hand at singing too. Regé showed off his singing skills most recently during his SNL appearance. What’s more, when he was younger he was even in a punk-rock band with his younger brother, however as you can probably guess things didn’t last with the band, but hey, at least he kept up the singing!

He cleared up how to pronounce his name 

Back in 2017, there was some confusion over how to pronounce Regé-Jean with him taking to Twitter to clear it up himself. His first name is pronounced like reggae the music genre, and Jean is pronounced like ‘John’ but with a french accent.

He’s starred alongside some pretty famous people 

Aside from his stint on Waterloo Road Regé has also starred in Harry Potter, more specifically Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows. So, this of course means he worked alongside Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson – although his appearance was brief, but still!

He was born in Zimbabwe 

Although you could never guess from his accent, Regé was actually born in Zimbabwe and lived there for much of his early life. Regé and his family later moved to England, which is where he first became interested in acting.

He loves acting because… 

Regé said in a previous interview that he loves the art of acting so much because it allows him to ‘visit different worlds and expand my horizons’ he told Interview Magazine.

This was his most difficult Bridgerton scene

Although there are quite a few steamy scenes in the Netflix show which we would assume were difficult to film, it was in fact the more mundane ones that Regé found hard to perfect. In an interview he said:

“The hardest moments are the very, very subtle barbs and hurts over the dinner table.”

“You just have to take that sting right in the ribcage and express that through a flick of an eyebrow or through the way that you cut your peas.”

“There’s a moment in the house of Bridgertons where it’s ostensibly a quite calm, happy scene. I’m at dinner for the first time with this family. I really don’t want to be there, but you can’t say that. The kids are there and they’re all happy and playing and being accepted in exactly the warm and loving family that Simon never had.”

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