10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About David Dobrik

Number nine shocked us the most...

David Dobrik is known for his crazy YouTube vlogs that usually involve giving people cars, iPads or surprising them with celebrities in his car. But we wanted to know a bit more about him, so we’ve done some research and made a list of the most interesting facts you may not know yet!

He was born in Slovakia

Born in a town called Kosice in Slovakia, David moved to Chicago with his family at the age of six.

He has three siblings

David is the eldest of his siblings, Ester is 14, Sarah is 13 and Toby who is 10. They sometimes feature in his vlogs and he even made his brother think he was invisible one time too (it’s pretty funny, look it up and thank us later).

He’s been married and divorced

Well kind of, in May 2019 David uploaded a video showing him marrying his best friend (and fellow YouTuber) Jason Nash’s mam! This came after Jason made a comment to David saying he’d never have an ex wife because nobody would want to marry him in the first place. David decided to prove him wrong, not only marrying his mother in Vegas but in turn becoming his step father, even though Jason is 23 years older than David. David announced a divorce a month later, now that is dedication for a practical joke.


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His assistant is his childhood BFF 

Natalie and David have been close since they were kids, she even brought him to his first high school dance. Now she is his personal assistant and many fans think they are something more. They do joke about their relationship in vlogs but it all seems pretty platonic for now, just two best friends, aww.


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My assistant since day one

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He has a lot of famous friends

David is always having superstars in his videos and every time we are surprised with who he can get. He’s had Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber and most recently he was hanging out and making TikToks with Kourtney Kardashian and her son Mason. We would love to see his phone contacts!

He is a big Drake and Josh fan

Anyone who watches Davids vlogs knows that Josh Peck from Drake and Josh is a popular guest on his channel. David was a big fan of Drake and Josh growing up and he never misses an opportunity to reunite the cast or surprise people with them.


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His middle name is Julian

In a video on the WIRED YouTube channel David revealed that his middle name is Julian and he “doesn’t like to talk about it”, well then we won’t mention it again David!

David can’t leave the USA

Because David moved to America as a child, he is not a citizen but under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) he has legal residence and a work permit. Although he cannot leave the USA or else he won’t be allowed back in for another 10 years! If he marries an American he will be able to return, he jokes about marrying Natalie, so you never know!

Vine started his career

David rose to fame on the video app vine before moving to YouTube, he always credits Vine for his fame and still features other former Viners on his YouTube channel they make up the vlog squad.

Well, we feel like we know him much better now let us know what surprised you the most!

Words: Jade Carpenter