10 Things you probably didn’t know about Emma Chamberlain

And her secret weapon for amazing insta pics!



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Emma Chamberlain is killing the YouTube game and she’s only 18, she is always a style inspo on Instagram and has worked with huge brands such as Louis VuittonΒ  and now has her own coffee brand which fans will know is something very important to her, she loves her coffee! Emma is only at the beginning of her career and is only continuing to grow from here.

We thought you might like to get to know her a little better so we compiled a list of some facts you may not have known before!

She waited a year to upload a video after she created her YouTube channel

Yep, a whole year! Emma created her YouTube channel in 2016 but didn’t post her first video until 2017, which was called “City Inspired Summer Lookbook 2017”. Maybe it was nerves?Β  But we are so glad she decided to give YouTube a go in the end!

She used to be a cheerleader

She was a cheerleader on her high school team for a year and she was a member of the California All-Stars Pink cheer team. She made a video on Hannah Meloche’s YouTube page teaching Hannah and Ellie Thumann how to cheerlead.

Emma has been part of a lot of famous friend groups

As we know the YouTube world is full of different groups and squads. Emma has been a member of the ‘Sister Sqaud’ which was made up with James Charles and the Dolan Twins, they made numerous funny videos on each others channels. The squad came to an end in May 2019 after controversy with James Charles. The three remaining members then named themselves the ‘Holy Trinity’, Emma was rumoured to be dating Ethan Dolan at the time, but since splitting up they haven’t collabed on videos together.

Emma was also a member of the ‘Girdies’ a name Emma, Hannah Meloche and Ellie Thumann gave to themselves. They collabed on many videos in 2018 but the girls no longer follow Emma on Instagram, many drama videos on YouTube discuss why they may no longer be friends but we guess the Instagram confirms it.


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She’s a vegetarian

Emma was raised on a vegetarian diet. She made a video called “Vegetarian tries meat for the first time” in 2018 where she had her first experience with meat as Ethan Dolan gives her chicken nuggets and steak! She was not a fan.

Emma has two cats

She adopted her second Kitten recently in order to give her first cat Declan a friend to play with. She adopted a female kitten and named it Frankie , she filmed a video of the day she went to adopt her which is on her channel now.


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She has a podcast

Her podcast Stupid Genius started in April 2019. In the half hour long show she tries to answer funny questions such as “Why does our skin wrinkle in water?” and “Why do dogs lick Humans?”.

Emma left school

In a video about why she decided to leave her high school in 2017 She explained that she felt it was really negative on her mental health. She found that online school worked better for her and she felt much happier with that system. YouTube was an escape for Emma which she admits in the video, online school also would help her dedicate more time to her future on YouTube, although she was clear that YouTube was not the reason she left school.


She wants to live in New York

Emma loves New York and constantly says that she feels like she belongs there more than she does in LA. She has said before that she would like to live their when she’s older with her future husband… we wonder who thatΒ  will be!

Thrift shopping is her fave

Emma loves finding good bargains in the thrift store. Her eye for style really makes anything look cool, which is proven in her most recent video where she makes ugly clothes look cute, and she really does work a lot of them.

Timer pics are her secretΒ weapon

A lot of the time Emma is alone at home when she needs to take an outfit picture, she has admitted that she has mastered the art of the timer pic so that it looks like someone else has taken it. Go take a look at her Instagram and see if you can spot them, we can’t tell the difference! Yep, even this one:


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Words: Jade Carpenter