10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Keilidh MUA

She doesn't like tea...

We all know Keilidh for her amazing talent with makeup on Instagram and YouTube, the transformations she can do with makeup are iconic (transforming into her puppy George springs to mind). We wanted to learn a bit more about Keilidh and her life outside makeup, so we’ve compiled a list of facts you may not have known!


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1. She has way more siblings than you’d think

We all know about Keilidh’s sister Carla who joins her to make some hilarious videos from time to time. It’s easy to assume that they are the only children in their family, but the Cashel clan actually have five children (including Keilidh and Carla), three girls and two boys. Keilidh is the oldest of her fam.

2. She doesn’t drink tea!?

Yep, you read that right, Keilidh isn’t a fan of hot drinks, not even tea. She also says she doesn’t like saying it to people because it’s such an Irish thing. I mean we couldn’t imagine a life without tea… how does she do it?

3. Keilidh has painted a lot of well-known faces

Keilidh has painted a fair share of faces in her time and she has even taken a brush to some very recognisable faces in the beauty YouTube industry. James Charles, Manny MUA and Jamie Genevieve to name a few. Keilidh won a competition on Manny MUA’s page and he flew her out to LA to make a video with him! On this same trip, she met up with James Charles and did his makeup. Jealous much? Plus, Jamie Genevieve and Keilidh seemed to totally hit it off when they filmed together, with Keilidh being invited to Jamie’s wedding party and doing a joint meet and greet in Brown Thomas Dublin in 2019.


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4. She used to make and edit videos as a child

When Keilidh was young she used to make and edit videos of herself and her horses, she was vlogging from the start! In a Q&A with Aideen Kate and Ellie Kelly, Keilidh admitted to being a “horse girl” when she was young, but her love for her horses led to some amazing video editing skills.

5. She has two tattoos

Keilidh got her first tattoo in 2019 and her second early this year. She made a very satisfying video where she coloured in her shoulder tattoo with eyeshadow, it looks cool with and without the colour tbh. Her second tat is a dragon flying on her ribs they were both done by the same person, we’ve a feeling Keilidh won’t stop here.


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6. She’s TikTok famous

A self proclaimed TikTok addict, Keilidh’s makeup TikToks are amazing, and she’s good at acting too. Her Tik ok account has 1.4 million followers and her most viewed video has 30.9 million, that’s A LOT of views, not even Kylie Jenner has gotten that many TikTok views yet!

7. Her favourite food is Domino’s Pizza 

In a video with her boyfriend Darren, Keilidh revealed her fave food and tbh, ours is the same. What can beat a Domino’s? Although Darren got that question wrong… Awks, we won’t forget Keilidh.

8. Keilidh and Darren have been together nearly 10 years

And they are too cute. The pair started going out nearly 10 years ago, meaning Keilidh was only 12 or 13, aww. In 2019 they bought their first house together and got a puppy named George who is just adorable and also features in many of Keilidh’s videos.


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9. She loves George Micheal

Keilidh is a huge George Micheal fan. Her puppy is even named after him! Her favourite George Micheal T-shirt got stolen while she was in LA and even we were sad for her. Keilidh even named a shade after his iconic song “Faith” in her palette collab with SOSU.

10. She started off in Inglot

Keilidh’s makeup career began in Inglot, which she says gave her the platform to do what she loves. Keilidh even got to create a pallette with Inglot before her SOSU palette, which is like a full circle moment!


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Words: Jade Carpenter