10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Nailea Devora

Get to know the social media star.

Nailea Devora is an American fashion and lifestyle YouTuber, Instagram influencer, TikToker, and internet personality who is known for her comedic, fun, and fashionable content.

She’s been getting a few more eyes on her in recent months due to her online friendships with Hype House members such as Larray, so she’s definitely a rising star.

If you know her well then you adore her loveable personality and quirky humour, but do you want to know more? Here are some interesting facts that you may not have known about her before:

She’s 19 Years Old

Nai was born in January of 2002, making her 19 years old. Some may be surprised by just how young she is considering how much she’s achieved in a few short years.

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She’s An Aquarius

Her exact birthdate is January 20th, making her an Aquarius. This means she may be easy-going, creative, and original. It may also mean she isn’t empathetic, is a little detached, and sometimes stubborn.


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She’s 5ft 2inch

The American average for a woman of her age is 5’ 4”, meaning she’s just a little below average.


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She’s Very Private

Nai doesn’t share a lot on the internet. Things like her family, relationships, aren’t public knowledge, assuming because she likes to keep parts of her life private.

She Hates Omegle

Omegle’s trends come and go, and back when she was in 7th great it was at its peak. She has some really hilarious stories from her times on the site with friends, which she shares on her youtube channel. Watch below:

She Has Had Stalkers

Somebody with such popularity is at a high risk of these dangerous situations due to a lot of their day-to-day life being online. She also made a Youtube video covering these experiences, so if you’d like to know, watch below:

She Was Born In Texas

Nai now lives in Los Angeles, but her original birthplace, and hometown, was El Paso in Texas.

Her Ethnicity Is Mexican

In a TikTok Video on her page (now removed) she states that her parents are both Mexican. Her fans had been curious about her ethnicity for quite some time, so now you know!


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She’s Known For Her Lipsync Videos

The lipsyncing videos on her TikTok account always garner many eyes. Her fans praise her beauty and enjoy seeing that content.

She And Larray Are Besties

The pair are always featured on each others’ social media platforms, and regularly make Youtube and TikTok content together. They’re the duo we didn’t know we needed!


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Now, do you feel like you know Nai better than before?

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By Brian L. Cummins