10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About TikTok Star Olivia Neill

She's been on YouTube for HOW long?!

Whether you know Olivia from her old Youtube days or have only recently discovered her due to her skyrocketing to fame, there’s no denying she’s an it girl.

From her iconic TikToks and silly videos with her fab friends, we get to see so much of her life. But just in case you missed anything, here are 10 things you may not have known about Olivia.

1. She can play the piano 

After buying a piano for her London flat, Olivia gave us an insight into her musical skills and we have to say we are not disappointed! She posted a TikTok on her spam account @olivertoeneill of her playing Ylang Ylang by FKJ. She was accompanied by her adorable cat Phil! We love a musical queen.

@olivertoeneillhow peaceful is this with phil♬ original sound – oliver toe of the neills

2. Her dream job was what?! 

Before her career as an influence took off, Olivia was looking at taking off elsewhere. Specifically in a plane! Olivia has expressed her want to be a pilot in many videos over the years. Recently, she has taken lessons for flying but says it might not be the right move for her at the moment.

3. She’s a Libra

Being born on the 28th of September Olivia is a Libra! The air sign’s common traits are being extroverted, cosy and friendly people. This makes sense for Olivia. She loves fun with her friends but we also see her cuddled up at home giving us all the cosy aesthetic vibes from her flat. The perfect mix of all the signs traits!

4. She has a podcast

If you can’t get enough of Olivia’s content, you’ll be happy to know she has a podcast! With weekly episodes, Olivia’s podcast Inner Monologue is a sit-down, chat-style platform where she discusses different topics. This is our favourite form of Olivia content because not only do we love her accent but she’s just fully herself when talking too.


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5. She’s signed with a modelling agency 

At the start of this year, Olivia signed with Elite Model Management. This management has represented models like Kendall Jenner and Hunter Schafer, so it’s pretty exciting for Olivia. She was apparently influenced by her model friend Lila Moss (Kate Moss’ daughter) and after spending time in Paris for fashion week, took on the opportunity. Bella Hadid, watch your back.

6. She named her cat after who?!

After getting her gorgeous white cat Phil, Olivia introduced him in a Youtube video. In the video, she spoke about the process of getting her ‘son’ and we also got an insight into where she got the inspiration for his name! The fabulous feline is named after the one and only Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Everyone’s favourite TV dad and we are so happy to see him getting recognition!


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7. She’s vegan

Since we can remember, Olivia has been veggie. She follows a vegetarian and vegan diet and broadcasts it in her YouTube videos. Olivia shares recipes to help others who are vegan and also gives an insight into what kind of things she eats in what I eat in a day-style content.

8. She’s been making Youtube videos since 2016!

While Olivia has blown up over the past few years, she isn’t new to the game! She created her Youtube channel in 2016 and has been uploading content since then. A whole 6 years of being on Youtube is insane! Especially when you think of how she has only been in the spotlight quite recently. We are beyond excited to see her getting recognition now though!

9. She went to Paris for a date 

In a video for her Youtube, Olivia vlogged a day taking the Eurostar train to Paris. For a date!! We absolutely love this energy, like why not go to Paris for the day and get dinner with a cute guy! She spent the day shopping for the date and then vlogged doing her makeup and we just couldn’t get enough of the boujjee content. It’s safe to say we are living vicariously through Olivia 24/7.


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10. She still owns her Belfast house

After buying her house in Belfast to be closer to family, Olivia quickly realised that she preferred her life in London. Moving back to England and getting a new flat, Olivia mentioned in a Youtube video that she still owns her Belfast home. She said she thought about selling it but realised it was a good overall investment and would come in handy in the future if she ever did want to move back to Belfast.

Written by Sadhbh O’Hara