10 Wardrobe Staples Everyone Should Have

The pieces that can make outfit planning SO much easier.

We’re all guilty of having a Cinderella-style moment lying on our beds sobbing that we have ‘nothing’ to wear when this is usually so far from the truth. In fact, many of us have TOO much to chose from, making outfit planning overwhelming.

Having some versatile pieces that you can work into multiple outfits can be a real help in creating a base look that you can build on. With this in mind, here are 10 staple items that you should think about adding!


  1. A Plain White T-shirt

Something as simple as a plain tee can be worked into any outfit regardless of the occasion – whether it’s dressed down with distressed jeans and chunky boots for a casual daytime look or paired with a cute mini skirt and heels for a dressier affair, the opportunities are endless.

Choosing the fit you’re most comfortable with will mean you get the most from this piece, and there are more options than you think – fitted, oversized, cropped or with extra details like statement sleeves, you can express your personal style with even the most basic item.

V-Neck Cotton T-Shirt, H&M, €4.99


        2. Well Fitted Jeans

There is a lot to be said for a pair of jeans that fit you well and make you feel good. Again, the variations are seriously endless between cut, colour and rise, you’re sure to find a pair that fits your aesthetic.

Whether it’s a “Jeans and a Nice Top” night out paired with heels, or with a comfy tee and runners, they really are worth having to hand.

High-Waist Skinny Jeans, Zara, €29.95


         3. Your Go-To Heels

Heels are not for everyone, but there is no denying the change that they can bring to even the simplest of outfits and your mood. But they don’t always have to mean walking like a baby giraffe in skyscrapers!

From kitten heels to platforms, wedges to heeled boots – there is a style that everyone can add to their wardrobe comfortably. Having a trusted pair that you feel comfortable in and can walk without the use of a supporting wall is essential, and choosing a neutral colour will allow you to use more frequently.

Glamorous Blush Barely There Block Heeled Sandals, Asos, €33.18
            4. A Dressy Jacket

From edgy leather, cool denim or a structured blazer, having that one cover-up for all occasions is always a good idea.

Light layers are a great idea for layering, and also as you can get more wear from your jacket all year long as it will suit all seasons – throw over a knitted jumper for winter and drape over your shoulders for breezy summer evenings.

Lightweight Brushed Biker Jacket, Boohoo, €32.90
           5. Good Underwear

Probably the most important wardrobe staple – well fitted and comfortable underwear!

We all know that there is nothing worse to ruin your day than an annoying underwire sticking out or having to constantly adjust your waistband all day, so having underwear that fits you correctly is important.

Getting measured and buying a couple of super comfortable sets is a great idea – and having at least one neutral set is an even better idea for wear under clothes that might make bright colours and patterns visible!


          6. A Comfortable Lounge Wear Set

We all know now more than ever the importance of comfort – and most of us are definitely guilty of living in these the last few weeks!

But comfy co-ords have never been more in fashion than they are right now. From basic sets being dressed up fit for the runway, or high fashion trends incorporating their way into the comfortable sets, there are so many cute options out there to fit each style.

And who doesn’t need cosy off-duty clothes?!



Ivory V-Neck Lounge Set, isawitfirst.com, €29.00
          7, The Go-To Dress

The idea of having one well fitted, plain dress in your wardrobe for all occasions goes back to the 1920’s and Coco Chanel’s idea of the Little Black Dress.

Nowadays, even with our more laid back sense of style, owning that one dress that makes you feel amazing and can be worn so many different ways still applies. A plain dress, no matter what style, shape or cut can be accessorised to take you to a formal event or dressed down with tights, a light jacket and boots for an everyday look.

Versatility is key for getting the most out each item in your wardrobe!


Boohoo, from €24


         8. Simple Transformation Pieces

These depend of course on your own personal style, but having some easy to use pieces in your wardrobe like tights, cardigans and belts can seriously change a look and give you more use of your clothes.

Having tights to help you wear your favourite summer dress in the depths of winter or having a long-sleeved top to pop under a strappy tank top are essentials that you should always have to hand.

Single wear clothes are definitely not having a moment, and we’re all thinking of ways to be more sustainable – and this is for sure an easy way to do it!


        9. A Sturdy, Trusted Tote

While having a plethora of handbags in all variations from clutches to holdalls to those teeny-tiny Lizzo-esque bags we defo all bought in luminous pink (!), it is a good idea to have that one trusted bag to hand for all of your bits and pieces.

As always, choose something to fit your style, but try to keep it as versatile as possible with a neutral colour to keep it practical and relevant for all of your outfits.

Suedette Structured Tote Day Bag, boohoo.com, €18.90
        10. Your Personal Piece

Advice can be given about your wardrobe staples, but the most essential item you can possibly have is your one favourite piece.

This could be your comfiest t-shirt that you wear all the time or something special that really shows your personal style like a fun feathered skirt or the brightest pair of socks covered in little cartoon avocados.

Even if this item is something that you only wear once or you wear every single day, don’t forget that the main thing you should get from your wardrobe is joy – it is completely personal and needs to make you smile!


Words By: Kaia Purcell

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