10 Reasons To Get Excited For Autumn

We are so ready for cosiness.

Whether you’re an autumn lover or not, we are all super excited for a bit of change and a new season to embrace is the perfect excuse!

It’s time to break out your cosy clothes and prepare for cosy nights in – because autumn is officially here, and we’re going to make sure you have the best one yet!

#1: New Season Style

Cosy cardigans, comfy boots and cute hats are all coming your way and we’re so ready for this change. A wardrobe change is always fun, but you don’t have to go racing out to buy new things to embrace the new season.

Autumn is all about layering (as you can never be quite sure how the weather is going to be), so rather than packing up all of your summer dresses, shorts and skirts, keep them to hand to pair with some warm tights and finish with a chunky wool jumper and boots.

Your autumn wardrobe is probably the most fun as you can play around with pieces from all different seasons and make the perfect new look. Keep it casual, cosy and cute!

#2: Cosy Nights In

The minute that the evenings begin to get darker, all we want to do is light candles, turn on a movie and hop straight under a big blanket with a cup of tea! Having some alone time on an autumn evening is the perfect way to kick off the new season.

We’re dreaming about long hot showers, face masks and early nights to recharge our batteries and get some well-needed rest, especially needed after returning to school and work.

If you need a little boost to get in the spirit, new fluffy socks and a DIY face mask are sure to help you out – learn how to make the perfect face masks at home here.

#3: Watching Seasonal Movies

Hocus Pocus, Twilight, Harry Potter and Halloweentown are all must watch for this time of year and are sure to have you in the autumn mood!

If you’re not in the Halloween spirit just yet, you can click here to see the best bits coming to Netflix this month. So pop on your comfiest PJs and get cuddled up, relax and take some time out for a well-needed rest because that’s what these months are all about!

#4: Autumn Walks

What is it about an autumn walk that is so therapeutic?! It could be the cooler air, the crunchy leaves or the gorgeous glow that seems to come with the season, but whatever it is we love it!

Whether it’s a quick stroll or a long trek, stepping out into the evenings will give you a little boost and an undeniable love for this time of year. Since most people have returned to work and school, a little bit of fresh air and exercise is so important to get away from a desk and stretch your legs!

#5: New School Year Ready

Autumn may not be everyone’s favourite season simply because they associate it with one thing – going back to school! Returning after an even longer break than usual means that you may be having mixed feelings.

But embracing this new chapter is so easy, from the simplest things like picking up some new stationery and study notes to brighten up your study time and looking forward to seeing your friends again.

Click here for some tips to make this your best school year yet and kick your autumn off with a positive start!

#6: Get In The Festive Spirit

Is it too early to start getting excited for Halloween? Absolutely not! The upcoming festivities are the perfect excuse to embrace Autumn, and with decorations and costumes beginning to pop up everywhere around us already, we might as well give in and get ready!

Think about all the fun activities coming our way, from carving pumpkins, decorating the house and planning a costume – if it will help you to embrace Autumn, then it’s never too early to start planning!

#7: Comfort Food

The best part about colder weather and darker nights is the food for sure! Hot tea, coffee and hot chocolate and warm soups are just some things that we’re dreaming about.

We’re so ready for our favourite meals to warm up the evenings ahead, pizzas, creamy pasta and soothing casseroles are all coming our way and we can’t wait!

#8: Appreciating Nature

We are so lucky to live in such a picturesque country, but sometimes we take this for granted. Use the changing season as an excuse to go and explore the area that surrounds you that you don’t appreciate every day – go for a walk around a park or forest and take in all the gorgeous changing landscapes of nature.

Rather than just rushing past on your daily routes, look out for the signs of autumn around you such as the fallen leaves, acorns and chestnuts that have fallen and take in all the beauty that surrounds you!

#9: Slowing down

Take inspiration from the season’s changes and use the darker days to take some time out. Autumn is all about change and is the perfect chance to slow things down and take some time out for yourself.

Use the extra hours of darkness to relax, reflect or rekindle a love for something that you have been neglecting in the summer months, such as reading, cycling or crafting. Change is great for the soul, so copy the changes around you in your life and embrace the opportunity to do the same!

#10: Create Your Autumn Nest

At this time of year, we all get the feeling that we just want to curl up and hibernate some days. Having the perfect autumnal space for you to relax and unwind in is super easy!

Adding little touches like candles, throw blankets and comforting pillows are all easy ways to make your room more seasonal, but also bringing a little of the outdoors in will help to create the cosy atmosphere you’re after, literally for free.

Try to collect small acorns, pine cones or seasonal flowers that you find on your travels and use them as decor in your bedroom. You will find loads of inspiration on Pinterest if you need some, including decor ideas and also craft ideas to fill those long evenings.

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Words by Kaia Purcell
Images via Twenty20