10 Ways To Keep Active Right Now

Keeping fit is so good for the body and mind


With everything going on at the minute you might be feeling totally unmotivated and unfit. It’s easy to fall into a routine of getting up late, spending the whole day on your phone and laptop, and barely moving, but this isn’t good for your mind or your body.

Whether you were a gym buff before the pandemic or you just loved a casual stroll, there are loads of ways to get motivated and moving again in ways that don’t even feel like fitness!

Take A Stand

Something as simple as standing more could make a huge difference in your overall health. If you’ve ever had a FitBit, you’ll know it usually alerts you when you haven’t moved over the past hour, and for good reason. A little walk around the house or standing for some of your class zooms could help wake you up and help you feel more energetic.

Skip The Lift

Do you insist on your dad bringing you to the shop to buy something nice? Do you get your older sister to drop you the park even though it’s only 10 minutes down the road? Used to hopping on a bus to get to an appointment, even though it’s a quick walk? Have a think about whether you really need a lift around the corner and whether it’s safe to just stroll instead. You might get an extra 10-15 minutes of walking in on a journey you were going on anyway. In doing this, you get used to moving your body a little more and you’ll always feel better for it… promise!

Tidy Time

I am willing to bet there is an area of your room or even that needs a bit of a tidy. Tackle that pile of clothes, hang up those pics you’ve been meaning to hang for ages, or just make your bed and get rid of all the glasses, cups and plates out of your room. Do a sweep under the bed and see what needs to be binned. All that moving around is a good way to get you up and about and, at the end of it, you’ll have a super tidy room too! Win-win!

Babysit (kind of) 

While you might not be doing casual babysitting for your neighbours right now, childminding is essential work that your family might be involved in. Do you have a little sibling? Maybe your mam or sister looks after a toddler or babysits your niece or nephew. Spend even an hour running after/playing with/helping to mind a little kid and we guarantee you’ll be out of breath. Babies and toddlers have so much energy and trying to match that even for a few minutes will have you running fasting/lifting more/doing more than you have in weeks. Trust me!

Youtube Fitness

If you’ve decided that you want your exercise to be literal, actual exercise, that’s fine too. There are SO many Hiit workouts, yoga classes, zumba, aerobics, pilates or literally anything else you might like, over on Youtube, so get searching, take your time and find one you really like, with a nice trainer, in the time-frame you feel is realistic.

Dog Walk 

We all love our dogs, but sometimes we prefer to lie on the couch with them or have them cuddle up by our feet than we like going out and about with them. If you’re looking to get moving a bit more, why not join the chief dog-walker of your family, whether that’s a parent or a sibling, or take over altogether, in bringing your pooch for a stroll. There is no better motivation than a cheerful dog who will be delighted to be out and about, and in no time, it’ll rub off on you too!

Be A Helping Hand

We all have to be super careful right now, but some people, who are cocooning or being extra safe, might not feel comfortable walking to the shop, picking up the essentials or even walking the dog. Ask your parents if they know anyone in the area that might need a bit of help. Whether this is picking up milk and the newspaper for an elderly relative, walking the dog of a neighbour with a health condition, or checking in on a grandparent or relative by strolling over to the garden and chatting to them at a distance. It’s good for the body and mind because you’re doing good for you and for others.

Help At Home

We bet your mam or dad would only love the offer of some help cleaning around the house, and it’s a great way to burn some energy if you’re feeling like you need to be more active. This might be something as simple as walking to the shop for essentials, hoovering the stairs and the hallway, or cleaning the windows/floors. You’ll do a good deed by helping out around the house, and you’ll feel better for moving around too!

Learn A Tiktok Dance

Is there anything that burns more energy than learning an intricate TikTok dance? Pick a fast, more complicated one to really have you work up a sweat. You don’t even have to post it if you’re not feeling it after, but jumping around and moving your arms and legs in front of your mirror is a fun, and easy way to exercise without it even feeling like exercise.

Try to take on even one of these tips this week and see how much clearer you mind feels for school, how much better you sleep and how much fitter you feel, and none of it even feels like a big workout. Perfect!


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