10 Wonderful Reasons To Celebrate Being Single! 

Being young, free and single is unreal! We’re taking a look at 10 reasons why flying solo can be so …

Being young, free and single is unreal! We’re taking a look at 10 reasons why flying solo can be so fab!

  1. Do what you want!

When you’re in a relationship sometimes you have to do stuff you’d really rather not. Things like pretend your boyfriend’s band is the next One Direction or stand on the sidelines of the football pitch cheering him on every Saturday, even if his team isn’t great! Instead, you can use the weekends for just about whatever you want, and make loads of plans that make YOU happy. 

   2. It’s a girls world 

While it’s all well and good to hang out with a special guy, nothing beats the craic you have with your BFFs. After all, discussing makeup and fashion or the latest Kardashian/Jenner drama with a fella might not cut it. Celebrate single life with loads of mate dates instead. A slumber party? A makeover date? A Netflix catch-up? The options are endless. 

 3. TV choice heaven 

Speaking of Netflix… not many guys want to sit through an episode of Gossip Girl without slagging those cheesy moments you know and love. They’ll really never appreciate those trashy TV moments like us gals. As a single girl, you can watch literally whatever you want and never ever have to go through the repetitive: “what do YOU want to watch” before just opting for Friends reruns yet again. 

You can watch literally whatever you want on Netflix!
 4. Shop till you drop 

Sure you can keep up the sneaky online shopping in your boyfriend or girlfriend’s company, but being a free agent means you get to head to the shops and take all the time in the world. Spend ages picking out clothes, take your time in the changing room trying everything on in three different sizes, and no one is outside huffing and puffing for you to finish up. 

 5. Crush On 

When you’re single you can drool over Harry Styles, or Zendaya, or whoever tickles your fancy in guilt-free bliss. Sure, you’re always going to fancy people even if you’re in a relationship, but you can let your imagination run wild when you’re single and crush on boys or girls you know, without the jealous partner concern. 

 6. Mo’ Money

Do you have any idea how much money you save when you’re single? No more splitting Nando’s bills or forking out for other date nights and you have one less Christmas/birthday/Valentine’s day present to worry about! Plus you don’t have to stress about what they might actually like as a present either!

 7. Rage On

No matter how much they try to understand, boys will just comprehend the pain and trauma that comes with periods every month. In fact, that time should be reserved for me-time, with sympathy from mams, sisters, friends and any other women in your life who just get it. 

 8. The World Is Your Oyster 

Ever reckoned that your mate just isn’t suited to her other-half? It’s a sad fact that some people just feel the need to be part of a couple just for the sake of it. Not only do they end up being miserable but they run the risk of letting other things pass them by. As a single girl, you can flirt, kiss and have a laugh with whoever you want so you get a better idea of what’s right for you rather than jumping into a relationship for the sake of it. 

9. Boy Friends FTW

As a single fun-loving girl, you can still surround yourself with loads of brilliant boys you have no romantic feelings toward. Just because you’re not in a relationship with a boy doesn’t mean you can’t have the craic, and plenty of mates dates with girls and guys to just enjoy friendship. 

10. You learn to love yourself 

Sometimes we run the risk of leaning on a partner for confidence, self-esteem and love. The trouble with this is that if it doesn’t go right, or that person isn’t right for you, your estimation of yourself is entirely based on that person. Instead, you should learn to love yourself first, and realise all the amazing things about yourself on your own terms, so that if a love-interest comes into your life at some point, you’ve already got the confidence to take on whatever you want, with or without someone by your side.