12 Signs That Prove You’re Obsessed With I’m A Celeb

All the things we are guilty of once I'm a Celeb hits our screens.


If you’ve never watched Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, we just need to know why? It’s kind of like Love Island, except nobody falls in love (or at least it’s not the aim of the game!), they live in the middle of a jungle instead of a villa and they have to eat bugs…. okay so maybe not so alike! But it is on 6 nights a week, so it’s good enough for us!

For those of you who are watching it, we’re pretty sure you’ll relate to these twelve signs!

It’s the highlight of the day

That double math class and study doesn’t seem so bad because you know once you get home it’s almost time for some jungle goodness. Around 8.30 you’ll stick on the kettle, get the popcorn ready, and get cosy for the 9 pm kick-off.

You imagine yourself being king or queen of the jungle

We’re all guilty of sitting on our comfy sofas claiming we’d be well able for the trails we are watching on tv, and yet when we see a spider in the bathroom even the neighbours can hear us scream!

You know what your last jungle meal would be

It’s always a topic of conversation this time of year and by now you have it nailed: Spice bag for starter, roast dinner for main and chocolate brownie with ice-cream for dessert, remember, you’ll be starving after only eating beans and bugs for weeks!

You are LIVING for the Kardashian tea

You were shocked that Caitlyn Jenner agreed to be on the show, but now that the Kardashians and I’m a Celeb have come together as a hybrid, you’re loving it! Quick, someone ask her for more goss. Plus you’re surprisingly emotional over Nadine from Girls Aloud and Caitlyn’s unlikely friendship!

Ant and Dec are your favourite television duo

I mean is there really any other competition? We loved Holly on the show while she was filling in for Ant last year, but it’s so good to have the BFFs back together. The Bromance is just so wholesome.

You would actually love to take part in the cyclone

If you know, you know.

If you could visit the camp you would

I’m a celeb jungle tours? We’re in, the waterfall shower, the iconic phone box and let’s not forget the dunny…. actually, maybe let’s skip that.

You join in when Ant and Dec say ‘get me out of hereeeeee’ at the start

In fact, it’s compulsory in your house.

It’s the only show that gets you to watch actual tv

Netflix can wait for once, the 9pm slot is taken.

Your morning conversations in school consist of discussing last night’s events

That dingo dollar challenge looked fun, you would have nailed it. But the bugs, bleugh!

It is a tough decision every year whether to watch the toy show or Friday night’s episode

They clash every year, so inconsiderate. Thank god for Sky plus!

A life goal is to become minorly famous so you can take part

C list celebrity status will do.

Words: Jade Carpenter