20 Things We’re All Looking Forward To Once Isolation Officially Ends

The excitement is almost too much...

Now that we’re officially in phase one of the plans to reopen Ireland, we’re one step closer to life going back to normal. We still have a bit to go yet, but once everyone is playing their part, we’re getting closer and closer. At this stage, we can bet everyone has either a mental or physical list of things to do once lockdown ends (or maybe both?). What’s first on your list of things to do?

1 – Giving everyone you love a giant squeeze, from your granny to your best friend’s dog, everyone is getting hugged. EVERYONE. 

2 – A full ‘treat yourself’ kind of meal from McDonald’s, complete with two curry dips and a McFlurry for after, please and thank you!

3 – Strolling through Penneys, picking up socks, hair clips, and anything that makes you ooh and ahh.

4 – Going to the cinema and pouring a bag of Minstrels into a large popcorn while the trailers roll, bliss. 

5 – That first big family gathering where everyone gets together, including each and every long-distance cousin.

6 – Waking up early to travel to the airport, the excitement! 

7 – Concerts with all our friends.

8 – While we’re at it, planning gorge outfits for those concerts with all our friends. 

9 – Celebrating birthdays, weddings, christenings, anything that requires a celebration, we’re there! 

10 – Getting our nails done, and scrolling through plenty of nails pics beforehand to finally decide on the perfect look.

11 – Breaking in a new pair of shoes so that they become uber comfortable. We never thought we’d miss it, but it turns out we do.

12 – Sitting on your best friend’s couch and laughing until your face hurts. 

13 – Getting all excited about a hair appointment, we’ll all have a lot to catch up on with our hairdresser. 

14 – Planning your birthday celebrations with the gals, especially if you missed out by having your birthday during lockdown. 

15 – Waking up on a Saturday morning and lazing about before getting ready to go meet friends and spend the day laughing. 

16 – Getting to see your crush again, it’s been SO long. 

17 – Going back to school. Yep, we said it. But can you imagine how excited it’s going to be to see everyone together again, even if it is in maths class?

18 – Ordering your first hot chocolate of the year once it turns only slightly chilly. 

19 – Walking into a dressing room with an arm full of clothes to try on. 

20 – Looking forward to going home after a long day. Okay, hear us out. Remember that feeling after a long and busy day, how exciting it was to be able to go home and get all cosy? Yep, that. 

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