21 Things We’re Looking Forward To Picking Up In Penneys

From socks to summer dresses and all the random bits in between.


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First of all, let’s just say, there is absolutely no rush to run to Penneys straight away now that it’s open as it’s still important to only really shop when necessary.

It’s amazing to be able to pop in again though, and the next time you’re going in to pick up something you need, just think of the 100 things that might also fall into your basket while you’re there.

Thankfully the retailer released a video to show us how they are making it as safe as possible with social distancing and hygiene in mind.

Here’s a list of all the things we can’t wait to get our hands on.

Ankle socks – black ones, white ones, fun ones. You name it.

Fluffy socks – ankle socks can’t be the only one getting attention. And after spending months at home, it’s safe to say we are truly in need of some more fluffy socks.

Hair ties – bobbins, gogos, whatever you call them, we need them! We’re currently searching down the side of wardrobes and in the bottom of our handbags for the last few.

Bobby pins– or slides, or clips, or whatever name you give them. We buy hundreds, we lose hundreds, it’s just what happens. Now that our hair is considerably longer, those pins come in so handy for concealing our overgrown fringe.

Gold hoops – those 6 pack of different sized gold hoops just hit different. We are dying to pick up another pack of earrings which add to any outfit.

Fresh PJs – Let’s be honest, we’ve lived in PJs for the last few months, and there is no better place than Penneys to pick up a fresh new pair with a cartoon or slogan across the front.

Underwear – Whether you’re a boxer short, bikini style, hipster or high-waisted, you’re guaranteed to get a decent pack of underwear for less than a fiver!


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Candles– Ahhh the homeware section. First on our list is candles. Scented ones, tea lights, ones shaped like elephants or a cactus, we’re adding it to our basket.

Bedsheets– Sick of looking at the same two bedsheets for the last 3 months? Well, look no further. We can’t wait to get a floral, fun or colourful sheets to brighten up our room.

Strappy top – Another one with countless names, strappy tops, string tops, vests, whatever you call them, we’re in serious need for some new ones, in black, beige, white and really whatever other colour they have. For sleeping in, wearing under low cut tops and dresses or even popping on white doing tan. We need em!

Tan – speaking of which, we can’t wait to pick up tan either.

Makeup – eyebrow pencil, Essence mascara, Catrice foundation. We need our favourite bargain beauty back again.


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New shoes – Not quite sure about committing to a new pair of Vans or Converse, Penneys has you covered with some fab dupes for now!

Activewear – Maybe for fitness videos, maybe for sitting in front of the TV, tbh it’s no one’s business…

A water bottle – Really, this one is for the good of our health, because we’re all meant to drink more water. Why can’t it be glittery and pink or covered in leopard print?

A new handbag – Is there anything like picking up a cute, impractically small bag from Penneys? It fits nothing in it, but it matches my shoes.


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A Summery top – It is summer after all, we’ve got to cram a whole lot of (socially distant) fun into July and August, and a few summery tops will sure help.

A sundress – Speaking of summer, is it even a sunny day if you can’t put on a sundress? We are dreaming of all those styles and all those prints on the racks of Penneys.

Fairy lights – Did we think we had enough fairy lights pre-lockdown? Yes! Do we want more in flower, shell, flamingo and star shapes? Also yes.

Facemasks – The protective ones are so important, but we mustn’t forget about the skincare kind either. Penneys are CEO of sheet masks, you can literally get any kind or any skin type for about 1.50. Yes please.

Bonus item: You know the one you never knew you needed, you never even dreamed of having but when you see it, you just need it! Yeah that thing too!


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This is just a handful of the amazing things we’re excited to get.

What else will you be picking up?

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