5 Actually Realistic New Year’s Resolutions

New Year does NOT have to mean New You!

Ah the New Year, when suddenly there is more pressure than ever to be better at everything, never make another mistake and just be the best version of you.

It all sounds like a bit much right? Realistically, it’s great to be the best version of you, but that doesn’t mean having abs, eating kale, getting an A on every test and suddenly having perfect skin.

Being the best version of you is literally just about being as happy and healthy as you can, and that may mean something different for everyone.

While you don’t have to do a single damn thing different this month just because it’s Jan, some may take the opportunity to take on a new skill or habit. If you’d love to make one change this year, maybe start with something easy that’s good for you.

Here are 5 New Year’s Resolutions you can actually keep.

Hydrate yo’self

I don’t know who needs to hear this (it’s me, I need to hear this!) but you’re probably not drinking enough water! The recommended guideline is that we should be drinking about 2 litres a day. This may seem like a lot, so your resolution does not have to be about drinking a huge bottle every day all of a sudden. Instead, try adding a glass with each meal if you’re not doing that already and actually drinking it. If you’re already doing that, try setting an alarm to remind yourself to have one more at a time that suits you. If you love ice-cold water, make sure to always have some in the fridge. If you’re more of a warm water gal, make sure you have lemons on the go to make the even nicer to drink.

Eat more fruit and veg

We’re not saying you need to go 100% vegan or even vegetarian, but every single one of us could benefit from eating more fruit and veg. There are so many ways to do this. From adding a few carrots to the side of your dinner, to just bringing an apple to school with you. If you’re more of a berry gal, having them with your cereal or usual yoghurt/chocolate/crackers when you snack can make it part of your routine. There are so many great vitamins and minerals in fruit and veg that it can benefit you in countless ways like better skin, hair, sleep, brain function and energy. Seems like good enough reason to us!

Be nice to yourself

We cannot stress this one enough. And we’ve talked about it plenty on KISS. *TikTok Voice* You have to start being nicer to yourself! The best friend trick is probably the best way to do this. If your best friend said any of those means things you say to yourself, what would you tell her? You’d tell her to stop, you’d tell her she was wrong and you’d tell her that she has so many amazing qualities. Try this with yourself, because you really should be treating yourself like a best friend.

Check out 7 Simple Ways To Practice Self Love or How Can I Become More Body Positive? For more.

Help out more at home

So we’ll most likely be schooling/working/staying at home a lot over the next few weeks and it can all get a bit much when everyone is under the same roof. What makes that easier is if everyone helps out and does their part. You don’t have to become a full-time cleaner or anything, but offering to do the dishes/stack the dishwasher, give the place a hoover or even just make your parent(s) a cup of tea can make life much easier for everyone. It’s only a small task for you but it takes the load off and also helps you carry out a good deed for the day!

Fresh air every day

There can be so much pressure of getting fit/losing weight or changing your body in some way in January. Your body is fine! But if you’d like to feel healthier and have a clearer head, fresh air is such an easy way to do that. If you’re going to be a home for a while or keeping your distance from others, it’s still really important to get out for a short walk/cycle or even just a few deep breaths. It can help you come back down to earth when you’re feeling overwhelmed and gives you a small task every day that you can easily achieve.

Whatever you do in 2021, make sure to go easy on yourself, it’s difficult for everyone right now so there is no point putting more pressure on yourself.


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