5 Educational TikTok Accounts To Follow RN

They're full of helpful tips and tricks.

TikTok is many things. It’s the go-to place for memes, viral dancing videos and of course, all the latest goss from the Hype House. It’s the sort of app where you can scroll for 10 minutes or three hours, and still get a laugh either way.

That said, there are over 500 million active users, so the content can get a little lost sometimes. TikTok can be full of great, educational hacks too. Here are some of the best accounts to follow!

Bill Nye – @billnye

America’s most famous science teacher, Bill Nye, is one of the most famous educators on TikTok, with 6.5 million followers. His science lessons show, Bill Nye the Science Guy premiered on September 10, 1993, bewildering science teachers, parents and students all over the world.

Bill Nye the Science Guy is now making videos just like his iconic science lessons, even using the same sounds and graphics. His latest video reminds viewers that cooking is also science and it involves making pizza dough using a water bottle.

Francesca – @superfran000

Francesca has a popular account in Ireland, boasting over 30 thousand followers. Her content is all about breaking down Irish news in simple, easy language and posting daily updates about COVID and restrictions.

She also has a segment called ‘’News No One Is Talking About’, where she explains news about everything from ladies sports to food being recalled that may often not get coverage in the Irish media cycle. Francesca’s account is a great one to follow if you want to keep up to date with current affairs without getting bored. And if that doesn’t tempt you, her fab outfits will stand out for sure.

@superfran000Moral: Don’t wear your mask in your head like a hat.🎩😷 ##irishnewsupdate ##buseireann♬ original sound – Francesca

Jacob Colvin – @jake.pnw

If you want videos about ocean life, environment facts, and learning more about how animals live in the sea, Jake Colvin is the account to follow. He’s been helping ocean animals since 2005, while undertaking a university project in all things marine. On his TikTok, you’ll find ocean facts, his popular parasite-removing videos, nature recommendations in Oregon & Washington, visually pleasing ocean views and calming voiceovers, plus he’s pretty funny.

And people love it — he has 7 million followers. Colvin said his goal is to make a positive impact and build a community of people who care about the ocean.

Dr Shah – @dermdoctor

USA based doctor Dr. Shah is teaching everyone all about skincare and how to do it right. From explaining how a breakout happens to how to apply products correctly, this is who you should follow for some of the best skin tips out there. There is lots of information to take in when learning about the skin, but Dr Shah explains these in clear, concise language and makes it easier to understand.

He also regularly posts on YouTube and Instagram with skincare product reviews and with the best routines to make your skin looking fresh as ever.

@dermdoctorGentle Exfoliating Cleansers Customized to Your Skin Type! @Neutrogena_US ##Neutrogena_Partner ##SkinBalancing ##Dermatologist ##Skincare

♬ ANTI – CaiNo

Danielle – @thegirlgangwellness

Danielle Demourtzidis is the TikTok agony aunt you didn’t know you needed. She runs a series of counselling and wellness workshops all over the world, under her brand The Girl Gang. The workshops aim to help young girls to improve their confidence and self-esteem, something that is definitely not taught in schools enough.

What you can expect from Danielle’s content is lots of helpful tips to improve your mental health and mindset. This can range from finding ways to reduce stress to dealing with a toxic friend. This is a great account to follow for the best teenage advice around – it’s hard enough being a teenager, so why not get some great advice!

Tiktok has been a part of our lives for nearly two years and has seen many new trends, dances and memes go instantly viral. Next time you’re scrolling endlessly, try searching one of these accounts or use the ‘learn’ button to educate yourself a little bit. And it’s something else to learn other than the renegade dance (which seems impossible to learn).

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Words by: Leona Kenny