5 Everyday Hairstyles That Are Way Easier Than They Look

You're guaranteed to get compliments with these lewks.

We all love our hair and have great intentions to style it and make it look fab, but more often than not, it’s scrunched up in a lazy ponytail or messy (not in a cute way) bun! If you’re tired of your default hairstyle and want to try something cute and different over the Christmas break, we’ve got you!

Check out five, easy but impressive-looking hairstyles that you’re guaranteed to get compliments on.

High bun 

Hair buns are very easy to do. All you need is a hair tie and some bobby pins and you’re good to go. Simply tie up your hair in a ponytail and pull it tight. Then, wrap your hair around the ponytail in a loose, almost messy fashion. Here’s the key though, you have to pin all the straggly bits, or use another hair tie to keep it in place (depending on how much hair you have). Buns look sophisticated and save you pulling your hair out of your fave every three seconds!


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Ponytail braid 

This simple hairstyle just adds that little bit of class to your regular high ponytail. Tie your hair as you usually would and then plait it once while tying at the bottom! Bonus points if you have a clear hair tie so it looks totally seamless. And voila you have a classy tail. 



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Space buns 

Space buns come and go from being a huge fashion trend but they are always, always cute! Just like the messy bun above, carry out the same steps but in two mini ponytails instead. Remember to clip in all the strays!


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Half-up, half-down 

This super simple look will save you if you want your hair down, but your hair is a bit greasy. Tie a little ponytail at the top of your head and leave the rest of the hair down. You can also turn the ponytail into a little knot by not pulling your hair through fully and leaving it like a little knot.  Remember the ponytail can be loose and soft rather than a tight one! 


Bratz tails 


We’ve had the half up half down with the one ponytail but why not do it with two? Make two little ponytails at the top of your head leaving the rest of the hair at the bottom. This is a classic e-girl hairstyle which is also well known from the Bratz series! 



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Now go and fall in love with your hair again! 


By Anastasiya Sytnyk