5 Hobbies To Take Up This Summer

Feel like you're wasting your 3 months? We've got you

Isn’t it funny, you wait the entire school year for summer to come so you can live your best life and then finally it’s here and you’re like – what now?

We’re into our second month of summer holidays now and if you’ve been struck down by boredom on a few occasions, well, it’s KISS.ie to the rescue.

Your teenage years are all about discovering yourself and your likes and dislikes, and what better time to do that then summer? Push yourself slightly outside of your comfort zone or hunker down and enjoy your own company for a few hours, we’ve got 5 hobbies for you to try out this summer.

Check out what you can do locally

Do a little research and see what activities are available in your area. It could be a sports team, it could be a dance class or it could even be volunteering at a local charity shop. There are usually tonnes of different things to do in most areas so it’s a case of asking around or having a quick google. Think about what you enjoy doing, if you’re creative, maybe there’s an art class you can take part in, if you’re sporty maybe you can take up a new hobby like boxing. Not only will you introduce yourself to a new hobby outside of your comfort zone you might also make some friends along the way too!

Make some presents

Whether you’re creative or not, you could get your thinking cap on and stock up some artistic presents you can use for Birthday and Christmas presents throughout the year. You could paint some special pictures on a canvas, make some friendship bracelets or even try your hand at pottery. Use this hobby as a way to prepare yourself for any upcoming celebrations and you’ll never find yourself stuck for presents to give people again.

Wardrobe DIY

What’s cooler than wearing your own custom-made clothing? If you’re someone who loves fashion and has always dreamt of creating your own clothes, if not now, when? Think about what you might like to make and where you think your strengths might lie. It could be knitting, if so there are tonnes of patterns out there, you could knit something simple like a scarf or challenge yourself with something bigger like a sweater vest. If you want to dip your toe in the fashion design world, start off small by buying some studs and fabric and customise something you already own like a pair of denim shorts, you can jazz them up with funky fabric and fun pins. The possibilities are endless, so get looking for some inspo!

Read till your heart’s content 

It might sound like an obvious one, but there’s nothing more consuming than getting lost in another world. When you’re in school, reading is a chore, but when you’re off school reading can be fun. Choosing whatever book you like and not just what’s on your curriculum means that you get to enjoy a story and kill a few hours in the process. Why not set yourself a book challenge for summer?

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed bookworm or just willing to give it a try we’ve rounded up some of our favourite summer reads for you to get stuck into here.

Get cooking 

Cooking is a life skill we should all have. It’s important to know how to nourish your body, plus you get the added bonus of eating delicious food at the end – it’s a win-win. With that in mind, why not begin your cooking journey this summer? With the permission, and maybe even help from your parents or guardians devise a list of dishes you’d like to master by the end of summer. They can be as simple as pasta and sauce or as adventurous as a stew. Whenever you have a free day get working on them and before you know it you’ll be a pro in the kitchen.