5 Instagram Accounts For Sustainable Living Inspo’

How many of these dedicated accounts do you follow?

From paper straws to up-cycling, we’re all learning how we can make little changes to our everyday lives to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. So, we’ve pulled together a few of our favourite Instagram accounts who follow that sustainable lifestyle.

Because if you’re going to spend your time scrolling through Instagram anyway, you may as well pick up some sustainable tips while you’re at it, right?


Dominique Drakeford is the founder of melaninASS.com, a platform that discusses the issues and celebrates the success of communities of color in Sustainable Fashion and Beauty spaces. Dominique regularly showcases how you can be more sustainable in your everyday life, including gorgeous outfits that actually help the environment.

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MOTIVATION MONDAY: If you had have told me 10 years ago, 5 years, 2 years ago that public speaking would be an important part of my career – I would have given you the ultimate resting bitch face! Believe it or not, public speaking is one of my biggest personal fears. If people realized how paralyzing it was growing up for me – the knots in my throat, the tears before I had to present, the racing heart beat and yes I’ve thrown up before due to anxiety from stage freight. I’ve skipped class numerous on days I had to present and I’ve tried to sign up for Toast Masters countless times and couldn’t bring myself to do it. I was always conflicted because I have such an outgoing but Cali chill personality but couldn’t project information to an audience – and I used to beat myself up – a lot! . . . This last year – I realized that this type of fear is only paralyzing if you don’t have a passion! And because I’m strongly rooted in my passion – this healthy dose of fear becomes fuel. I still DESPISE public speaking … but I can’t fight the fact that I have a RESPONSIBILITY ✊🏾🌿 – and have always had a responsibility that I tried to ignore (hence why I used to do PR for ethical brands, so I could do this work but hide behind the scenes). I will probably always be afraid to speak in public – but my message is WAY bigger than me so I have to get over it! . . . We all have a responsibility to be active and leave behind a legacy! It can be family focused, community centered or shifting a societal consciousness. It doesn’t matter how big or small that legacy is! Every time I speak I have to stimulate my fear because I’ve always known what I was created to do – I just never knew how until now! Embrace your journey! Don’t fight your fears – work with them! 🖤🌿 . . . #motivationalmonday #mondaymotivation #healing #wellness #sustainability #speaking #fear #faceyourfear #influencer #ethical #ethicalfashion #climatecrisis #motivation #inspiration #domsconsciouscloset

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With almost 100k followers, Tayler has been using her Instagram to highlight her passion for helping the environment. She’s also the founder of Shop The River. A sustainable fashion line, complete with biodegradable packaging.


Ready for a truly impressive Insta bio? “I haven’t used single-use plastics for a decade…bc the ocean!” Kate Nelson of the Plastic Free Mermaid has dedicated herself to, you guessed it, living plastic free. She tried to inspire others to cut down on their plastic use, and regularly posts images to show the impact that plastic has on the environment. Pass us a reusable straw!


Showing that fashion and the environment can mix well together, @sustainablychic‘s Instagram is full to the brim of fabulous outfits. She proves to her thousands of followers each and every day that fashion can exist responsibly.


If you’re looking for cute upcycling fashion ideas, tricks for ‘thrifting’ like a pro, and simple, everyday tips, then hit the follow button on @sustainabledaisy‘s Instagram.