5 Must-Have Products To Help You Relax At That Time Of The Month

Because we all need a little (or a lot) of extra TLC!

I don’t know about you, but each time I get my period I’m always surprised at how awful it can be. The mood swings, the tiredness, the pain. It’s a LOT. Even if you don’t suffer from painful cramps, the emotions alone are enough to have us in need of some extra self-care.

Of course, if you want to just curl up in a ball, you do that. But these can certainly help when you don’t feel your best, and just want some extra TLC.

Milk Bath

We’ve talked about MilkBath.ie plenty of times here on KISS, they’re the ones to go to if you’re a fan of a boujie bath. A nice bath can fix almost anything, and they’re ideal for when you’re on your period. Not only are they relaxing, but they’ll help with any back pain or cramps too.

MilkBath.ie have gorgeous products and sets to really ramp up your bath game, from oats and petals to soaks and smudge sticks. Plus, a lot of their products are vegan friendly too. Check them out here.


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Sanctuary Sleep Mist Spray

Feel like you just can’t relax? Let us point you in the direction of Sanctuary’s Sleep Mist Spray. You can spray it on your pillows, over your body, anywhere you fancy.

While it’s not going to send you straight to sleep, it’s the ideal product to use at night, or when you’re just enjoying some TLC. The jasmine scent is amazing without being too overpowering, it calms and relaxes while adding a touch of luxury to your routine. Shop it here.

Space Masks

Ready to really ramp up your routine? Try Space Masks: they’re self-heating eye masks that work to relieve tiredness, eye strain and tension. There’s something about eye masks that scream glam, but when they heat up? Next level. Perfect for when you want to lay down, relax and unwind! Check them out here.


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Epsom Salts

Another bath product, but if you haven’t tried Epsom salts you’re missing out. Not only do they add a little something-something to your bath, but they’re said to reduce soreness and pain, they’ll leave your skin feeling amazingly soft and smooth, plus, they’re nice and relaxing. Plus, you can get them super cheap too. It’s a win-win.

Your Monthly Must-Haves

Of course, you’ll then have all of your must-haves that you can’t go without. Hot water bottle? Check. Cosiest PJs? Check. Netflix? Check. Pizza? Check. Chocolate? Check.

Whatever your go-to’s are, make sure you’re easy on yourself around your time of the month. Every little helps!

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