5 Of The Best Brush Brands Available Right Now

The best of the best, tbh.

Makeup brushes can sometimes be kind of personal: some people won’t do their makeup without them, others rather blending with their fingers while some swear by a blending sponge. But now and again, a brush brand comes along that pretty much everyone agrees on.

Whether it’s the full collection or certain individual brushes, some just stand the test of time and make everything easier for you. If you’re on the lookout for some new makeup brushes for your collection, here are five brands to choose from that just won’t disappoint.

Kash Beauty

We all know about Kash Beauty by now, Keilidh Cashell’s own brand has blown up in its own right. One of the latest additions to Kash Beauty is the 12 piece brush set. Let me tell you when I opened this brush set I haven’t ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ so much over something in the longest time. The set is of 12 essential brushes that Keilidh thinks everyone should have in their kit, whether be it makeup artist or a newbie. From the tapered bristles of the perfect powder brush to the ultimate multi-taskers.

The 12 piece set is vegan, cruelty-free and developed using innovative, unique synthetic fibre technology that mimics natural animal hair, designed to pick up the pigment while blending seamlessly on the skin. Long story short? They’re pretty amazing. Check them out here.


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NIMA Brush

Another Irish brand with an amazing selection of both brush sets and individual picks is NIMA Brush. I still have brushes from NIMA that I bought years and years ago, that are still in perfect condition. With the gorgeous mint handles, you’ll be able to spot a NIMA brush from miles away, and each brush is named after special people in creator Niamh’s life.

They’ve now also introduced NimaFil Smart Fibre, a vegan-friendly, man-made fibre that enables synthetic hair to mimic the design of natural hair. If you’re not sure where to start, they have their own Teenage Starter Kit which has pretty much everything you need. Or, if you only fancy buying one or two brushes right now, you can’t go wrong with the CJ Nima Brush or The Belle.


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Morphe Brushes

Morphe Brushes have been around for so long, but they’re standing the test of time. Another brand that sells both brush sets and individual brushes, so you’re not stuck with a few brushes that you’re either never going to use, or just don’t know how to use.

Choose from tapered brushes that will blend your products beautifully, flat head kabuki brushes to really buff that foundation into your skin or the smallest eye brushes for those detailed looks. Some must-haves are the Pro Flat Buffer Brush, the Angled Contour Brush or if you fancy an amazing set at a bargain price, the Rose Baes Brush Collection and Case. Check them out right here.


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Inglot was one of the first brush brands I bought that made me realise there’s a difference in the quality of different brushes. Still to this day, all of these years later, I reach for their blending brushes every time I do my makeup. Especially the 6SS, which is a small brush for blending eyeshadow, and the 4SS – a larger version that’s great for under eye concealer or highlight.

Inglot also has an amazing range of brush sets for when you’re starting out and not sure what to go for. The recent collab with Maura Higgins includes a fab brush set, that has everything you need for your base and your eyes.

Blank Canvas

Last but not least, another Irish brand that is probably already on your radar. But they’re so reliable that we’re gonna rave about them here too. They have literally everything you need, from the smallest detail brushes to perfect your liner and bouncy blending sponges, to the fluffiest buffing brushes and dense kabuki brushes.

On top of that, they also have the products to keep your brushes squeaky clean – like the Ella & Jo Brush Cleaner and the Blank Canvas Solid Brush and Sponge Soap. Not sure where to start? Their 8 piece set has a gorgeous mix of face and eye brushes, along with the brush and sponge soap and a handy little bag to keep ’em all together.

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