5 Of The Most Shocking YouTube Couple Breakups

Let's take a trip down memory lane



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YouTube, it’s the most strange, most bizarre, place on the internet that we’ve all grown to love. Starting out with the odd cat video and random 20-second-long zoo vlogs (this was actually the first-ever YouTube vid), the platform has gone on to become bigger and better than anyone could have ever imagined.

Millions have gone on to carve careers out of our, and subsequently carved their entire lives too. Children now rake in millions from opening up toy boxes, and it’s the home of all our favourite long-forgotten Vine videos. But there is one section of YouTube that is particularly close to our hearts, and that’s YouTube relationships.

Often we see many of our favourite YouTubers unite together as couples, whether it’s for love, clout, or both, and they document their entire relationships on the platform. While we have seen so many cute couples blossom and grow together, we’ve also seen so many couples crumble and fall together, and the evil side of us lives for it. Nothing gets our hearts racing quite like seeing a popular YouTube couple upload a ‘We Broke Up’ video, and while we’re sad for their heartache (no honestly, we are) we also live for the drama it provides.

Did they really break up mutually? or was there foul-play involved and they’re just covering it? Which one will move on first? and which one will slowly begin to resent the other and spill all the tea we’ve been waiting for.

There have been quite a few memorable YouTube break-ups over the years, so let’s take a little trip down memory lane and remember 5 of the juiciest.

Jaclyn Hill and John Hill

While John isn’t actually a YouTuber, this one hit us so bad that we just had to start off with it. Beauty vlogger and make-up mogul Jaclyn Hill decided to file for divorce from her husband John back in 2018. Fans and follows of Jaclyn felt like they knew John personally since he appeared in so many of her videos and vlogs. The split was announced via a video, where Jaclyn explains that she and John no longer got along as husband and wife, and had no other choice but to call it quits on their almost 9-year marriage. *wipes away single tear*

Jake Paul And Alissa Violet

Jake has had quite a few YouTube break-ups over the years, but this one way by far the most dramatic. Why? well because their relationship seemed particularly rocky, and when things did eventually end, the drama truly started. The two parted ways, and instead of vowing to remain amicable as most do, they began a war of words on each other, with each of them taking to their social media and YouTube accounts to shame the other. Both claiming that the other cheated, Alissa said that Jake had different girls staying in his house each night, and Jake accused Alissa of cheating on him with his brother. They went on to release diss-tracks, and eventually lost steam and moved on (thank god). These two are a good lesson in how not to handle a breakup. An honourable mention also goes to Jake’s break-up with Erika Costell and Tana Mongeau.

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik

Okay, we have to admit, this one hurts. Liza and David were arguably once the most popular couple on YouTube. With their comedic skits and hilarious vlogs they raked up the likes, comments and subscribers. That was until they announced their break-up two years ago. After dating for almost 3 years, the two decided to end things, with them announcing the split almost 6 months later with a, you guessed it, YouTube video. The video, however, went on to get over 29 million views in just a few days, and even to this day, it’s still trending. In the video they admit that they both began to live separate lives, and staying together just didn’t make sense anymore. Followers were understandably heartbroken but took solace in the fact that the two said they would remain best friends, and they have (kind-of).

Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz

I know, it’s hard to imagine Shane Dawson with anyone else other than Ryland, because they’re just so perfect for one another. But, long before the vlog squad and documentaries, Shane dated his long-term friend Lisa Schwartz. The two were insanely cute together, but after appearing to be inseparable the two decided to part ways in 2015. Shortly after Shane announced that he is bi-sexual, and both Lisa and Shane remain on good terms today.

Natalia Taylor and Anna Campbell 

We had high hopes for this couple. But, after just mere months together they decided to call it quits *heartbreak emoji* They coined a couple name, ‘Natanna’, uploaded some cute couple videos, and even created an Instagram account (@thisisnatanna). But, unfortunately, the videos came to an abrupt stop, and the instagram account hasn’t been updated since July 2017, so yeah, I think it’s over.