5 Positive, Up-Lifting Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

They're sparking a whole lot of joy!

Lately, there seems to be nothing but bad news clogging up our social media feeds, our tv screens and even on the radio. It seems to be never-ending. Of course, the world is going through some really tough times right now, and we have to stay connected to what’s going on so that we can educate ourselves on what’s happening in the world. But as well as this, it can get pretty tiresome for us all, so we need to inject some more positivity into our feeds to break up the negativity.

Whether it’s sharing funny memes, having a laugh in beauty videos, or some gorge uplifting quotes. Here are just five accounts that are sure to bring some positivity to your IG and a smile on your face. There’s something here for everyone!


Everyone is basically following Rickey Thompson already, and if you’re not? Well, get on it right now. He is absolutely gas, you’re sure to be crying from laughter. And is he’s not being naturally funny, he’s lip-syncing and dancing his heart out. A whole breadth of positivity to brighten up your feed.


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If you’ve ever struggled with your skin, Abbie’s account is a great one to introduce to your feed. Not only does she share gorgeous beauty tutorials, but she doesn’t shy away from showing the real side of what it’s like to struggle with bad skin, proving that it happens to many of us, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. As well as this, she also regularly shares the noticeable differences between your body when you pose for a photo, versus when you’re naturally unposed, showing that everything you see on Instagram isn’t really real life. A great reminder that your skin and your body shape doesn’t define you!


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If you’re not already following Karen, or @lovelygirlybits as she’s known on Instagram, you’re basically missing out. Karen’s beauty reviews are always spot on, but not only that, her stories and videos are usually hilarious. From the incident with the Urban Decay palette (if you know, you know) to her most recent review (below) you’re bound to always be smiling or laughing away while checking out her videos.


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Any and every dog lover will fall head over heels with this account, it is literally perfection. From the cutest videos of pups to hilarious memes of dogs, they tick every box. Hit the follow button to bring some more, well-needed dog content onto your feed. We can already feel the joy sparking.


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One way to brighten up your feed and is mood is by following an account just like @quotesbychristie. Gorgeous quotes, designed beautifully, this account is literally what your IG is missing.


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