5 Practical But Simple Recycling Tips

It doesn't have to be hard work.

Recycling is possibly the easiest thing that you can do to reduce the impact that you make to the environment due to the easy access that we have to recycling plants, centres and drop off banks across the country.

Luckily, most of us have pretty much grown up with recycling and don’t think twice about popping paper and plastic into the correct bin at home, school or work. But there are always those questions that we have about the correct way to dispose of certain things and what we can do to minimise waste.

As an eco-conscious generation, we are always looking for ways to make a difference, and this doesn’t always have to be taking huge steps or making huge changes in our lives – if we simply change out little everyday things, like putting your waste in the correct bin, we’re making an impact.

Always Read Recycling Labels

Found at the back of products on the label, have a look to see which can be recycled.

Some products may contain a mixture of recyclable and non-recyclable materials, so be sure to separate these and put them in the correct bins. For example, some containers may not be recyclable yet, but the label and lid may be – rather than throwing the whole container in the landfill waste bin, take the label and lid off and pop them in the recycling bin. Easy!


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Make Sure Everything Is CLEAN & DRY!

This is important to avoid the whole bag of recyclable materials being dumped into landfill for being soiled – all that hard work for nothing!

To make sure this doesn’t happen, wash and rinse out things like yogurt cartons and food containers well and dry them before they reach the recycling bin. This is a simple step which only takes a couple of minutes but makes sure that your waste ends up in the right place!

Cosmetics/Beauty Products

Cosmetic empties such as from toiletries and makeup are great to recycle – they are mostly made of plastics and glass meaning that they are suitable for recycling.

However, they can be difficult to recycle at home due to it being hard to open some bottles and jars properly to clean them out. But fear not, there are lots of stores that will take your empties off your hands and process them correctly for recycling.

L’occitane, MAC, LUSH and Garnier are just some stores that offer recycling programmes (and better yet, there are some really good rewards for using some of these facilities!)


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Clothing is one thing that should never meet the landfill: the textile industry is the second largest contributor to global pollution.

Yet there are so many amazing ways to reuse and recycle old clothing, whether it no longer fits or just doesn’t suit your style anymore.

If your clothes are still in good condition, donate them to local charity stores to be sold for money that will support the charity. Just rock up with your clean clothes in a bag and hand them in behind the counter. This is a great way of avoiding waste as well as helping out charity and saving up some wardrobe space.

If they are not in good condition, think about getting them mended before you get rid of them/donating them.

For clothing that isn’t suitable for donation (such as underwear or soiled/worn materials), drop these off at clothing banks where there will be sent for shredding to give them a new purpose.

Electrical Waste

This can be a tricky one as a lot of us don’t know what to do with our broken and irreparable electrics but fear not, disposing of these consciously is easier than you think.

It’s 100% free to recycling electronic waste at your local recycling plant (find yours here) so come here with anything from straighteners, cameras, televisions or even larger home appliances like washing machines.

For smaller electrical waste like batteries (which should never be put in the waste bin) can be brought to WEEE bins in Aldi stores nationwide for more.


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Any Other Questions?

Are you unsure about what items are actually suitable for recycling and which aren’t?

MyWaste.ie makes this problem non existent with the super handy tool that helps you search for every item and lets you know the correct bin to put it into.

As well as this, it also gives you the option to search for a location near you to bring your waste and a little tip to reuse your item instead of tossing it! What more could we ask for?!

It is also a great website to browse other bits like why we even bother recycling, ways to be more sustainable and a waste less list. It’s a must to check it out to see all the easy and fun ways that you can do your bit for the world.

Remember that the problems of the worlds aren’t all on your shoulders to be fixed, but if we all do our bit when we can, it will make a difference!


Words by: Kaia Purcell