5 Skills To Put On Your CV When Applying For Your First Job

No previous experience? No problem!

Have you finished your leaving cert exams and ready to take the next step in the working world? Or maybe you’re looking for your first part-time job? It can seem a bit difficult when you’re not sure where to start, and you haven’t had your first job yet.

But just because you haven’t had a job, doesn’t mean you won’t have anything to put on your CV. If you’ve done Transition Year, you’ll have plenty of topics to cover in your CV, or even if you’ve had one or two weeks of work experience. Every little helps.

Plus, there’s plenty of skills you’ve learned in school that you can add to your CV. Here are five skills that can help you get your first job.

Time Management

This is a big one, while it might not be stated on every job opening, it’s always good to have good time management. First, you don’t want to be appearing late for either your interview or for your job when you get it. Secondly, having good time management skills on your CV will allow your employee to see that when you’ve been given a task, you’ll be able to complete it in a timely manner.

You don’t have to go into too much detail on your CV, but you can give examples of your timekeeping in your interview. Such as that you’re known to be always on time, or you always complete school projects in a timely manner.


Do you consider yourself an organised person? Make sure to take advantage of that and include it in the skills section on your CV. In general, being organised will make things easier for both you and your employer.

Whether you’re gonna be working part-time in a shop, babysitting or even dog walking, all jobs require some organisation. If you need some help to demonstrate it in your interview, talk about how you might create daily lists to ensure everything you need to get done is done, how you keep your workspace neat and tidy, and you can bring in time management into this one too.

Team Work

Do you play sports? Or are you in an after school club? This is one easy way to show that you’re more than capable of working in teams. Being a team player is usually an important skill to have when it comes to applying for jobs, as it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be working with other people.

You won’t be thrown in at the deep end to get the majority of work done by yourself, there’ll be a team of you. So it’s great to show that you have experience being a team player. Whether you play camogie, basketball or any team activity, make sure to include it as a skill on your CV.

Setting and Meeting Deadlines 

This is one that you can use your schoolwork as an example of. After years of school work, we all know about having deadlines to get a certain amount of work done for. But if you can show that you can set and meet your own deadlines, this can work even more to your advantage.

If you’ve recently finished your exams, you can use the example of setting yourself a schedule, ensuring you’ve certain parts of the curriculum by certain dates, and how you can organise your study schedule and deadlines around your exams.

Being Detail Orientated 

An employer probably won’t hire someone who won’t complete a task or ensure it’s done properly, so showing how you can be thorough and detail orientated while working will be a big plus. Chances are, there’s going to be plenty of things to do with a lot of detail, that will take a whole lot of concentration.

You can show how you’re detail-orientated by explaining how you’ve ensured each task has been completed on a previous project, or how you ensure every project you’ve done in school was proofread and checked before submission, taking into account all of the details.

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