5 Tapestry Wall Hangings To Add Cosy Vibes To Your Room

We want them all!

Room Revamp is a series where we help you make your bedroom your dream space.  From simple tidying hacks to creating more space and adding touches of style to make it somewhere you love to cosy up.

This week, we’re looking at tapestry and wall hangings that just bring a certain good vibe to any room.

If you’re sick of looking at the same four walls, aren’t quite sure about a paint job but want to add some style to your room, a wall hanging is perfect. It’s not as permanent as painting or wall art meaning if you change your mind in a year (or even a month) you can just take it down again.

Whether you’re looking for something dark and cosy or fresh and colourful, there are so many options to choose from!

Celestial Black and White

Urban Outfitters, €45


Sunrise Neutrals 

Shein, €7.25

Floral aesthetic 

Urban Outfitters, €39

Macrame Tapestry 

Etsy, €30

Mandala Print 

Shein, €7.25

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