5 Things To Do If Your Relationship Is Being Affected By Lockdown

Here's how to keep that spark...

We’ve all had to adjust our lives in some way since March 2020. Since the first lockdown we’d seen everything from school to work and friendships and socialising taking a huge hit and being forced to totally change. One area that’s also being hugely affected is our romantic relationships, if you’re seeing someone or in a relationship, chances are it’s been affected by the pandemic.

This could be anything from not being able to go on fun dates or hang out in each others’ houses to not seeing each other for months due to living too far apart.

If your relationship is being affected right now, here are 5 tips to try and make it a bit easlier.


Make Your Walks More Fun

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby to your boyfriend or girlfriend, going for walks is probably the main activity right now. While strolling the same road or park was probably nice the first few times, it might be getting a little boring now. If you’re missing fun date nights or going on nice trips together, it’s nice to make your walks more fun. Either have a look online or ask your family about cool sights, attractions or parks nearby that you might not have known about, or make your current routes a little extra by bringing food, getting some hot choc or taking pics. Creating a picnic vibe or taking some nice photos can help make your every day walks a little more fun.

Zooms Dates

You just knew zooms were going to be on here, didn’t you? But look, if you’re not able to see your bae in person right now, zooms and facetime are your go-to. You might find yourself calling to catch up and just talk, but it might be nice to create a little fun date night over zoom. Whether it’s a quiz about how well you know each other, a restaurant-style date where you make the same food and get all dressed up or even just a viewing party where you watching the same movie, making an actual plan for your video calls can help make things a little more exciting.


No we don’t just mean talking on the phone about what you’re watching, your homework or the weather, we mean actually talk. Long-distance or lack of proper date nights can mean that while you’re talking or texting every day, you might not actually know how the other person is really feeling, and they might not how you really are either. This year has been HARD. From school to social life, health issue and grief there is a lot that might be causing stress or anxiety at the minute. The next time you talk to your bf or gf, ask them how they are and how the pandemic has affected them, getting them to open up and share their feelings could help you to feel closer as you’ll understand a bit better what they’re going through. If you’re feeling down or sad, sharing that with your other-half is something you should feel comfortable doing, that’s part of the reason they’re there after all! Talking and letting each other know how you’re really feeling can help you to remember your special bond.

Write Letters

This can be a really cute thing to do whether you live far apart or not. Who doesn’t love a love letter? Simple write down a little note to your bf or gf about how you’re feeling, what you love about them or just what’s going on in your life right now. You can add some photographs, chocolates or other small gifts. Stick it in an envelope, get yourself a stamp at the post office, and wait for them to get a lovely surprise in the post!

No Pressure

There can be a pressure sometimes when you’re in a relationship. This probably isn’t coming from the other person, but from society and your ideas about what a relationship should look like. It could be the pressure to absolutely love every minute or your relationship, have fun all the time, or do or say things by a certain point of dating. This past year has totally changed everything so if you haven’t seen your bae enough, said ‘I love you’ or done something romantic by a certain point, remember that you should never feel pressure to do these things. The pandemic has meant that we don’t get to spend much time with the people in our lives and for that reason, the relationship might be going a little slowly, which is totally okay. As well as this, you should really never feel pressure from your other half about doing or saying anything if you’re not comfortable. Take your time, enjoy yourself and remember this year has added extra difficulty hanging out as a couple.


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