5 Things To Remind Yourself Of During Your Mock Exams

How you can keep some balance for the stressful time ahead

If you’re a 3rd or 6th year student you’re likely feeling pretty stressed right around now.

Mock exams for junior and leaving cert students are currently underway, and understandably it’s an anxious time for those sitting them.

By now, you’ve studied, you’ve prepared your revision plan, and realistically you’re ready to get that damn thing over and done with.

Sitting the exams is one of the strangest parts of the exam process, it’s a hectic week but it’s important not to let stress get the better of you so you can perform your best.

With that in mind, we’re sharing our advice for how you can keep some balance for the stressful time ahead, looking after yourself as well as your grades.

Look After Yourself

When we’re sitting exams sometimes the stress and strain can become so consuming that we forget to look after ourselves too. Try your best to get sufficient sleep each night, sticking to a normal routine as much as possible.

Eating well is important too, skipping meals even if you don’t feel hungry because of nerves won’t benefit you in the long run so eat up that meal your parents make for you in the evening and be sure to grab a light breakfast before the exam too.

It’s Okay To Do Nice Things Too

Just because you’re sitting exams doesn’t mean you can’t do something fun during that time too. Of course you don’t have to do anything too time consuming like spend an evening in your friend’s house. But you can do small things like watching an episode of your favourite TV show, or reading a chapter of a book that’s NOT on your school curriculum.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

While it may feel like the biggest deal in the world, in the grand scheme of things exams really are just exams. Of course they’re important markers of where we’re at academically, but they still don’t define who you are as a person. You’re important regardless of whether you get an A in your Irish exam of a fail. You can only do your best, and once you’ve done that there’s nothing to beat yourself up about. And if your results don’t come out how you wanted them to? Use that as motivation to prepare better the next time around, the mocks exist for a reason so make the most of them.

Social Media Might Not Be A Vibe This Week

Being on social media might not be the best place right now, your friends will be freaking out, others will be smug about how prepared they are. So do yourself a favour and just steer clear for the time being. Falling down a TIkTok hole won’t do you any favours right now, Insta, TikTok and Snapchat will still be there when you’re finished with your exams, so have a field day then.

Flex Those Organisational Skills

During your exams focus on keeping your life organised for your ease. The night before the exams make a note to prepare your uniform and school bag so your morning is as fuss-free as possible.

If you like to visualise your day, why not create a to-do list for each day so you can keep on track with what you want to revise and when you want to switch off. Be smart with your time and if it feels like too much be sure to confide in others and ask for help if you need it.