5 Things You Didn’t Know About I’m A Celeb

Screaming over how many pairs of underwear they're allowed pack 👀


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Already spending the day looking forward to watching I’m A Celeb each night? Yep, us too. There’s something about watching celebs camping out, struggling through trials and generally trying to get through their time on the show – while we’re cosied up at home in the utmost comfort.

The show has been on for years, and it’s certainly up there with the best reality tv shows. It’s the perfect viewing to take us right up to the festive season. Although it’s only been on for two nights, one of the rules has already been broken with Naughty Boy smuggling in some spices to try to help with the taste of the infamous rice and beans.

But what other rules are there? Here are five things that you maybe didn’t know about I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

There’s no way to tell the time

We kind of guessed this, as there’s no way that the celebs would be allowed to take in a phone, and we’re sure a watch wouldn’t be the smartest thing to wear while doing a bushtucker trial or even camping outside.

With no way of telling the time, we’re sure that it would eventually mess with your body clock.


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A psychology test is required before taking part

Another one that makes a whole lot of sense, like most reality shows. The celebs taking part in I’m A Celeb must go through psychological assessments before they’re confirmed to take part, to make sure they’re really mentally prepared to be on the series.

You can only pack three pairs of underwear

Yes, 3! There’s no understanding as to why you’re only allowed to pack three. But Eastenders star Rita Simons revealed after her time on the show that she snuck in extras.

Speaking on This Morning, she shared: “I smuggled in extra knickers. You’re allowed three pairs of knickers… Three pairs. I smuggled more.”


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You have to last three days before being paid

We all know that celebs are offered a certain amount of money to take part, but there’s a small loophole there. They have to last at least three days on the show or else they won’t see a single cent.

You might remember that Gemma Collins only lasted three days the year she decided to take part – which kind of makes sense now. *insert suspicious eye emoji here*

And lastly, you can’t ask previous contestants for advice

It’s a small world, even in the land of celebs. But if the celebs know someone who’s already been in the jungle, or even the castle, they’re not allowed to ask them for their advice. Because you’re not supposed to tell anyone that you’re taking part in the show, it now makes sense that you couldn’t reach out to others to ask for advice.

But Frankie Bridge’s husband, Wayne, also previously took part so we’re guessing that there might have been whispers of advice behind closed doors…