5 Things Your Study Space Needs

Watch your productivity soar!

In the last year, life has changed exponentially for all of us. Few aspects of our lives have gone untouched by the pandemic and that includes our school/study-life.

Before all of this, we attended school 5 days a week, combining learning with socialising with our friends, and for many after school study was where e got the bulk of our homework/studying done. But now, our classrooms are inside our bedrooms, with online learning proving difficult for almost everyone.

However, online school and home-studying is still the reality for us, for the next while at least, so it’s important to make the most of your ‘study space’. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a desk, or if you’re just making do with the kitchen table, there are some essentials every learning space needs.

A Stationary Organiser 

Chances are you have a tonne of stationary – who doesn’t! But, do you have somewhere to store all of your bits? Rather than shoving everything you own into a pencil case, why not display your bits proudly in an organiser? Dedicate a section to pens, highlighters, sticky-notes etc, and have it all laid out in front of you for ease.

Oh, and don’t worry if your pocket money won’t stretch far enough to buy one, you can do a DIY on this one too! Get crafty with some old teacups, candle holders, or plant-pots and recycle them into stationary holders. Motivation incoming in 3..2…

A Good Chair 


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Although it may be tempting, sitting on your bed to do some school work just isn’t going to cut it (sorry). Instead, it’s important to use a good chair, ideally a hard one. One of the good things about not being in school is that you get a break from those awful classroom chairs, so while you can take advantage and sit in a comfortable desk chair. Or, if you don’t have one of those a decent wooden kitchen chair will do the job too – pop a pillow on your back to make it more comfortable, and voila!

Something Cute To Look At 


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We’re going to keep this one super vague, as it’s totally up to you what you and your own aesthetic. Surrounding yourself with pretty things will help to boost productivity, and make your study space a positive space for you to be in. Here’s a list of some examples you could decorate it with:


No study space is complete without a snack or two! Whether it’s some chocolate you’re craving or a diced up apple and peanut butter, always make sure that you have something to munch on around while you study and work.


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It helps to keep your energy levels up, meaning more productivity, plus you can turn it into a reward game too, eg. if I solve this math equation without looking on my phone then I get to eat a square of chocolate. Sounds silly, but you’d be surprised at the difference it can make!

Good Lighting


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You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference having good lighting can make to your motivation. Again, another good thing about studying from home is getting away from those awful overhead lights all schools have (goodbye headaches). If you can, try to set up your desk beside a window where the lighting will be best. But if that’s not possible, invest in a lamp or spotlight that you can switch on and brighten up your space whenever you need it.

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