5 TikTok Artists You Should Follow For Creative Inspo

These accounts will make you want to dig out your paint pots!



TikTok is a great platform for all creative people. Your FYP is tailored to you,Β  so if you want more art and creativity on there, check out these five amazing artists blowing up on the app.

@jamesalty (445.3k)

James’s art is vibrant and colourful. He creates his work by placing paint on a canvas and spinning it to create a very cool effect, revealing the unique designs at the end. Tie-dye designs are also up to his ally and most of his videos are done outdoors!


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@shellyclouds (587.5K)

Shelly is best known for her quirky art style where she draws colourful sky scenes, lighting, stars and Northern Lights. Her artwork is very a light, spacey aesthetic, with pastel vibes which many of us can appreciate!


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@michellerikaa (121.9K)

This pink-haired snake-owning artist is so underrated! Most of her work are commissions and her videos take you through her journey of creating them. A lot of her art style is combining realistic portraits with crazy colours which are always fun to watch!

@tinymakesthings (2.6M)

You’ve probably seen this gal on your FYP. SheΒ creates mini sculptures on keyboards which are usually food, animals or just about any cute object. Some of the pieces are out of this world and look deliciously cute, not to mention, mesmerising to watch.


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@tsukada.studios (435.3k)

This artist has a unique style where she creates her videos showcasing her art but also speaks about history and activism. Her preferred method is paints and the designs she creates have hints of a Japanese style, as she’s Japanese American! Watching her vids will not only give you great satisfaction, due to her talent, but you might learn something new too!


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By Anastasiya Sytnyk