5 Tips And Tricks For Bedroom Storage

Make the most of your little haven!

We all know the struggle of trying to clear out makeup, clothes and general junk to make room for new bits, and sometimes it just boils down to spatial problems. Making the most of a small space can be hard, but luckily not impossible! Investing in good storage, and setting a system in place is the best way to fit everything you need into your room – while still making it look cute ofc.

So, with that in mind, we’ve got 5 tips and tricks to save yourself space, money and time!

Makeup brushes
Beauty blenders, foundation brush, powder brush, bronzing brush, eyebrow brush, eyeshadow… The list goes on and we are all guilty of it! You don’t need to buy big fancy cases for these to make a statement, these candle holders from IKEA work perfectly and have a really cute design. To make it even easier, grab some little stones and pour them into the holder so that your brushes will stand upright. Also, old candles are just as good! Plus, you can melt the old candle wax down, grab a wick and pour it into another pot for further use.

Wall rack
Another IKEA find for just 12 euro, this wall rack can act as a nail polish holder, foundation holder, palette holder… The list goes on!

Shoe hangings
Shoe hangings are super inexpensive and they save a lot of space because they simply hang on the back of your door. We would recommend this clear shoe hanging from Amazon.

If you have any old shoe boxes lying around, this is the perfect DIY for your lippies. Cover the shoebox in your favourite wrapping, grab some super cheap DIY dividers from Amazon and you have got yourself a lipstick holder! Or if you want something a little more straight forward, these dividers from IKEA have lots of different compartments for your makeup.

Magnetic makeup board
This magnetic board organises all of your products instead of having them stacked up on top of each other. It is a total DIY but pretty straightforward! All you’ll need is a shallow metal pan, a cute fabric, some tape to stick the fabric on, and finally some magnets for your makeup!

Words by: Alannah Hanley