6 Cute Reusable Bags That Won’t Hurt The Planet Or Your Purse

Saving the planet has never looked so good

From shopping second hand, to drinking water from a reusable bottle, people around the world have been doing small acts in an attempt to minimise their carbon footprint in recent times.

We’re always keen on finding more small ways to live sustainably, without too much compromise. One of our favourite ways to shop sustainably is by using a tote bag.

As we’re all pretty aware of by now, single-use plastic bags are one of the many plagues the earth faces today. There are multiple ways to minimise your plastic use, and opting to use tote bags is one of them.

The good news for us is, tote bags are completely in fashion right now, proving that sustainability and style can go hand in hand.

From cute straw bags to slogan totes, we’ve rounded up 6 of the very cutest reusable bags around that won’t break the bank, perfect for your next shopping trip.

Mesh Bag Organic Cotton | €3

The 1975 Tote Bag | €13.14

Straw Bag | €17.99

Lime Jelly Tote Bag | €29

Net Beach Bag | €15

Cherry Pink Tote | €13.14


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