6 Irish-Made Prints To Add To Your Bedroom Wall

The easiest way to add some personality to your bedroom.

Room Revamp is a series where we help you make your bedroom your dream space.  From simple tidying hacks to creating more space and adding touches of style to make it somewhere you love to cosy up. This week we’re looking at prints. The simple, often affordable art work is the perfect way to add personality and style to your room in an instant.

Here are six of our faves that happen to be Irish-made, which means that you’re supporting small businesses in this tricky time, while also getting something gorge for your room. Win-win?!


September, €10.16 – Lines And Lessons


Rainbow Protest Print, €3 – West Queer Art


Love, Loyalty & Friendship, €12.00 – Happy Little Creation


Rewildling, €40 – Jam Art Prints


Plant Baby, €18 – Jam Art Prints


That’s Hilarious, €25 – Jam Art Prints


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