6 Midsize Style Bloggers You Should Be Following

In need of some outfit inspo?


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For a long time, only one type of body seemed like it was ‘trendy’ on Instagram (but of course, body size should not be a trend), straight-sized girls dominated the explore page and most huge fashion bloggers were a particular slim size. Then came the amazing wave of plus-size bloggers, celebrating their beauty and providing outfit inspo to other curvy girls.

Both of these shapes and sizings are totally beautiful, but then maybe it seemed like there were only two types of body shapes; straight size, and plus size. But of course, there are lots of people in the middle, who have come to be known as midsize.

What exactly does midsize mean, you might wonder… well it’s those of us who don’t feel like they fit into either of the other categories. The actual size range changes depending on who you ask (some say that midsize is between 10-14, others will say 12-16, and we’re sure there are other people who would say different) but regardless of what size it actually applies to on the label, it’s a handy hashtag for finding outfit inspo and people who look like you if you don’t have a totally slim body, or full curves.

If outfit inspo on slim or plus size girls leave you wondering what it would actually look like on someone in the middle, you need to follow some midsize bloggers.

Of course, you can follow people who look nothing like you too, but sometimes it’s easier to feel more confident, comfortable and stylish in your body if you’ve got lots of it on your feed.

Here are 6 you should follow…


Dora is from Switzerland and knows how to pull off bright girly looks that are also smart and polished.


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Maggie is a youtuber and loves thrift shopping and is super conscious of cutting down on fast-fashion and repeating her outfits, as we all should!


UK based Abi has the cutest outfits which are almost always accessorised with a scrunchie! She’s a size 12 and lots of her bits are from the highstreet so you can run out and get it or order online!


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The best way to descibe Holly’s style is cool! The 5ft2 half Mauritian, half British blogger gives us lots of petite style inspo. From trendy sunnies to chunky trainers, she’s great for accessories inspo too!


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Chloe’s looks are always super cute and the best for meeting-the-girls-for-brunch style inspo. Also a great gal for highstreet finds, following her won’t affect your pocket money toooo badly!


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Sophie is a model and influencer based in Berlin who loves a good print, she’s also got a great Depop account so if you’re obsessed with one of her outfits you could well get your hands on it!


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