6 Nail Trends Perfect For Valentine’s Day

No matter what your V-Day plans are, we're here with all the nail inspo' you need.

Whether you’re spending your Valentine’s Day out with the gals, on a cute date or having a date night for one in your fave jammies, one thing is sure – it’s another excuse to try out fun and trendy nails!

Whatever your personal nail preference (shellac, gel, polish and all the endless others), these Valentine’s 2020 nail trends are super easy to do at home or in the salon.

So get the gang around for a DIY salon experience, or book an appointment with your gal to prep for date night – these super easy and trendy looks will be sure to make you feel the love!



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One trend that is going absolutely nowhere this year (yay!) and is perfect for Valentine’s Day is nude nails.

This set would definitely suit those who aren’t a huge fan of seasonal nails – once the day is all over, you will still have the perfect colour to match every outfit (literally).

The pros of a neutral colour are endless, not only are they gorgeous and super trendy, they look good on both longer claws and shorter nails.

This colour is also really easy to get your hands on as most polish collections will have at least one to catch your eye.



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Admittedly, I’m extremely biased here because Valentine’s is one of my favourite holidays ever.

However, this is not because of my chocolate obsession or the buzz of love in the air – it is for seasonal colours of (the best term that I every heard) Rink.

For those not yet obsessed with this trend, Rink is simply the combination of red and pink together – the most cliché colour combination when you think of the holiday, I know, but you cannot deny the happiness that it brings your eyes! I mean, let’s literally do this all year around – it’s just so cute and adorable.

Red with Hearts


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The colour of loooove!

Apart from its strong ties with the L word, when I think of this colour, I think of a glamorous and powerful leading lady in any iconic Hollywood movie.

There is something so classy and sophisticated about an all red manicure, but it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for gals like me who always opt for a cheery pink over siren red.

The perfect way to incorporate the must-have colour for the season of love into your nails is with little pops of it onto a neutral base colour.

Even better, add some dainty little hearts in red for the ultimate V-day look.



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One of the best things about an upcoming season is always a quirky and fun set of nails that you may not be able to get away with any other time of the year.

Why not throw yourself into the spirit completely with the cutest and easiest trend of all – stickers!

Self-applying stickers are so easy to come across, they can be found in most pharmacies and stores like Claire’s Accessories.

Throw on your favourite base colour (maybe one from this list) and go absolutely insane with stickers for a quick and easy manicure makeover.

If you’re no good at applying cute little details with a tooth pick, and aren’t planning on booking an appointment, stickers are perfect for making your nails look professionally done on a budget.

Nail Art


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Tricky designs and ideas don’t always have to be done in a salon – there are some really easy and adorable Valentine’s nail art that you can do for yourself (or with your friends) at home.

Finding a design that you want to achieve and doing a bit of practice will have your nails looking like you just stepped out of the salon in no time.

Gather up your pals and have a practice night so you can try out different things and get your nails perfect for February.



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Do we need an excuse to have ten super sparkly fingers? I certainly don’t, but if you do, here it is!

Work glitter into your own nail art or go for sparkles all over – both will tie a bit of lovey-dovey magic into your look and make your nails the only Valentine that you need.

A fresh set is the perfect way to add to an outfit, make you feel glam and even give you a bit of downtime while you’re doing them.

Put a smile on your face and a spring in your step by taking in all the charm and lust of the day that’s in it with a set that makes you happy (any excuse really!).