6 Things To Do To Enjoy New Years Eve At Home

There's something for everyone!

Another year has come and gone! Who can believe it?

While plenty of us were hoping to be able to be out with friends and family, to tear up the dance floors, or just be out and about having fun, there are loads of ways to ring in the New Year with plenty of craic in tow!

So get the hot chocolate ready, the leftover boxes of Christmas chocolates and enjoy!

Create A Memory Box

It’s been another chaotic year, but we’ve been able to have a little more freedom with the restrictions being lowered. Save cinema tickets, print off a few photos, even write a letter to your future self!

Set a date for when you want to open it and hide it away for when it’s time to open it next.

Set Your 2022 Goals

Think about things you want to achieve, any specific targets or goals. Learn a new instrument? Go to the gym? Improve on a subject you’re finding difficult? It’s never too late to start something new or bone up on something you already know!

But remember to not be too harsh on yourself, everyone learns at different paces, so start by making mini-goals for yourself!

Start Journaling

Journaling can really help clear up your mind and make you feel better. You could try writing like a traditional diary, journaling methods that help with anxiety, or just do a stream of consciousness. Find a method that works for you and think about what tools you want to use.

Do you want to journal on a word document or through an app, or maybe make video diaries for Youtube or Tiktok? But we do love good old-fashioned pen-and-paper, so we’ll be shopping around for some cute pens and the cutest notebook we can find!

Board Games and Cards

Old, but gold! Board games and card games can be the best fun, especially when you and your family haven’t pulled them out for a while. Are you a fan of classic Monopoly? Or love Cluedo? What about a game of Frustration?

Make sure to try and get everyone in the house involved and get ready for a cosy night in.

Ready, Set, Bake 

If you have enough of leftover turkey sandwiches and Christmas pudding, round up the chocolate leftovers you can get your hands on and get baking!

There are so many recipes to choose from, and plenty that you don’t have to be an expert for. Did someone say rocky road?

Start Something New

You probably have a few ideas in the back of your mind of something you’d like to do, something you just haven’t had time for. This could be painting, knitting, writing a book. Or maybe you want to take up a sport or exercise regime?

Use New Year’s Eve to start thinking about what projects you want to start, what you want to do and start getting your ducks in a row.

And lastly, whatever your plans, have an amazing night and a Happy New Year!

By Sadhbh Pearse

Images via Twenty20