6 Positive Instagram Accounts That Will Brighten Up Your Feed

From good news accounts to adorable animals.

We’re obviously big fans of social media here at KISS. It’s how we provide our readers with stories we know you love and it’s a place where we can chat to you guys and help you with anything you need. But of course, we also know that the internet can be an OVERWHELMING place. If you’re struggling with all the serious news going on in the world, and all the opinions flying around (many of which are uneducated on the topics they’re shouting about!) we’ve got something for you.

Try adding some of these uplifting, fun and feel-good accounts to your Instagram feed to brighten it up.


Dog-lovers who aren’t following this account are missing out. The Dogist is an account a bit like Human’s Of New York but for dogs.
Photographed by @EliasWF.


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Positive, inspiring and practical quotes and bright, colourful illustrations by Dani DiPirro.


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Simple, uplifting quotes with a focus on mindfullness.


Do you get lost in animal videos because you watch them on repeat? Do you love sending someone a cute dog or cat vid to cheer them up? Get following Animals Doing Things. It features all the best animal videos on the internet and is sure to give you a giggle.


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The Happy Broadcast describes itself as anxiety-free news. Which we all need a little more of. It’s good news stories from around the world including everything from positive sustainability news, uplifting health and science discoveries and fun little facts. Plus it’s colourfully and cheerfully illustrated by @maurogatti.


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Is it totally cheeky to put ourselves on the list? Nah, we’re all about self-praise and knowing your worth, so we may as well practice what preach. Our Instagram is a combination of celeb news, interesting features, beauty and fashion tutorials, memes and quotes… so all the good stuff. Oh and not to mention cool giveaways and comps every week.


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