6 Signs You’re Gonna Be Besties For Life

#2 You've overcome a fight or two...

Friendship is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and while you have many amazing years ahead of you, sometimes the friends you make during childhood or school can be some of the most important people in your life for decades to come.

We all have people we like to hang out with or chat to in school, but sometimes, a special friend (or friends) come along that just stands out and make you feel like the best version of yourself.

If you’ve got some ride or dies in your life, these are 6 signs that prove you’re gonna be besties for life!


The number one foundation of a friendship has got to be respect. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any issues or that there is nothing that you find annoying or frustrating, it just means that you can respect someone and be respected back. This means respecting decisions they make, understanding when they say yes or no to plans, and understanding that you won’t always agree on every single thing.

You’ve overcome a fight

Best friends for life doesn’t mean you don’t have fights sometimes or have the odd tiff. It’s ok to get annoyed at someone you love and care about every now and again and love them in spite of anything you find a lil’ annoying. The same goes for big fights too, you might have had one or two big fights whether you both needed space, maybe there were tears and maybe you said some things you regret, but the main thing is, you overcame it. Whether that’s from talking through the issue and making sure it doesn’t happen again, or deciding that it’s not worth falling out over and having a laugh instead. Overcoming a fight is a sign that even though no relationship is perfect, the friendship you have for each other always comes out on top.

You don’t let crushes get in the way

When you’re super close with someone, sometimes you might have things in common and this might even include crushes. If you’ve both crushed on the same person, you’ve made sure that this won’t get in the way of your friendship. And if one of you is involved with someone new or texting a guy or girl you like, you make sure to still include and keep in touch with your bestie because you know that they’re still super important no matter what other relationship comes your way.

You have each others’ back

If you hear someone saying something rude about your friend, you’re not afraid to stand up for them. If you see they posted a new TikTok, you’re straight in to hype them up. If they’re in trouble in school, you’re not gonna be the one to taddle on them or make it worse, and likewise, when someone is serious, you know how to ask for help on their behalf. Having each other’s back means having the other person’s best interest at heart. If you always do this, you’re sure to stay BFFs!

You’ve helped each other through tough times

Whether it was a break up, grief, and difficult time in school, or something else totally personal, you’re not afraid to show up at their door and bring them whatever they need, even if it’s only a hug. You’d drop what you’re doing and show up if you knew the person needed them and you’ve seen them cry snotty messy tears when things have been serious. Showing up when the hard times happen is just as important as being there for the fun times, and because there are lots of highs and lows in life, being there for all these times is a sign that the friendship will last through it all.

You’re always a phonecall / text away when it matters

While showing up for your bestie is so important, it’s also important that you aren’t afraid to ask each other to show up either. You text each other funny memes and TikToks and switch it up to heartbreak or bad news without a second thought. You’re not afraid to tell your bestie something hard has happened and you need them. Whether it’s the middle of the night or in the middle of the day, having someone you can text or call and whose texts and calls you’ll always answer is a special bond that can last forever when you both care as much as this!

Friendship isn’t always perfect, there will be ups and downs and the occasional fight or fall out, but what matters is that the good outweighs the bad, the happiness you bring each other is impossible to measure, and you can’t imagine your life without them!


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