6 Stunning Skincare Brands To Put On Your Beauty Radar

Ready to up your skincare game?

Starting your skin care journey is a pretty big deal, because it’s exactly that, a journey. You could try a whole lot of different products and brands before you figure out what works for you. But that’s the difficult bit, seen as trying new products costs a lot of money, even if you’re opting for the bargain options.

As long as you’re double cleansing and wearing SPF every day (yes, every single day), then you’ve already got the basics nailed. But if you fancy trying some stunning skincare brands that aren’t getting the hype that they deserve, you’ve come to the right place.

Balance Me 

If you haven’t heard of Balance Me just yet, the brand has recently launched in the Irish market and pride itself on offering products that are naturally active, cruelty-free and sustainably packaged. As with any new brand, if you’re not sure where to start it can all seem a bit much.

But Balance Me offer edits for you to try a number of their products without breaking the bank. The Clearer Skin Edit includes Flash Cleanse Micellar Water, Pure Skin Face Wash, BHA Exfoliating Concentrate, Congested Skin Serum, and a Pre + Probiotic Radiance Cream, all for €32. Shop it on MyBeautyEdit.com.

Skin Genius 

Struggling with breakouts? This is the brand for you.  Skin:Genius is an all-natural, organic and vegan capsule collection of four products designed to treat acne and break out prone skin. It’s perfect for all age ranges, especially teens and those who suffer from hormonal acne.

The formula is specifically made to target acne, breakouts and oily skin with organic and natural botanicals to soothe the skin, control bacteria and reduce redness. All to leave the skin with a more even tone and texture, and radiant and bright. Prices start from just €15, check them out right here.


Elave are one of those bargain skincare brands that are quite underrated. Made in Ireland and specifically targeted to those with dry and sensitive skin, their whole range is safe to use no matter how sensitive your skin.

Not sure where to start? Our top picks here at KISS are the Sensitive Daily Skin Defence SPF45, which hydrates the skin while giving you both UVA and UVB protection, the Rejuvenating Cleansing Treatment which beautifully exfoliates the skin, and the Skin Balancing Moisturiser, to boost your hydration levels. Check out Elave right here.


Skinician is the kind of brand that does it all. They have a range for everyone, from purifying to advanced. Their Revitalising range is made for normal to dry and sensitive skin, while their Purifying range is best for oily, breakout-prone skin. Plus, they now offer a complimentary expert skin analysis online.

The simple quiz will translate your skin concerns and recommend a tailored skincare routine and product suggestions, perfect for those wanting to look after their skin without getting confused by certain products and ingredients. Check out their range here.


You may have tried CeraVe before, particularly their cleansers, but their whole range is pretty impressive. It’s cheap and cheerful, but the best thing is that it works. Which really, is what we all want and need from skincare. If you haven’t tried anything from their range just yet, you can’t go wrong with their foaming cleanser, their hyaluronic acid and the body moisturising cream.

Each and every product I’ve tried from CeraVe I’ve been pleasantly surprised with, simple works sometimes! Check out their range here.

The Inkey List

Another one that many people have tried, but there are so many products from The Inkey List that deserve a whole lot more love. The whole idea behind The Inkey List was to simplify ingredients, without getting too much into the ingredients that it makes things even more confusing.

If you struggle with breakouts, try their salicylic cleanser. It’s strong enough to work, but not too strong that it may leave you feeling a bit nervy when trying it. Special shoutout too to their hair products, their hyaluronic hydrating treatment is *chef’s kiss*. Shop ’em here.

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