6 Things You Need For The Perfect Picnic

It's time to plan a cute mate date.

With restrictions easing and cafes and restaurants opening back up, it may be time to book in a socially distant date with your friends or your boyfriend or girlfriend. The easiest, cheapest and let’s face it, cutest way to socialize right now.

Of course, it’s hard to imagine looking out the window right now but we’ll hopefully get some picnic-friendly weather soon! With so many parks, beaches, gardens and fields in Ireland it’s so easy to find a spot to host your picnic.

Once you pick a good spot, and text your friends, keep an eye on the weather for the next sunny day and get planning.

Here are 6 things you need:

The right kind of food

Okay this seems really obvious but certain foods work best for a picnic, you’re not going to bring a big messy dinner with all the trimmings that is awkward to dish out, so it’s about being smart with food choices. Think small triangle sandwiches, your favourite berries, some yoghurt, chocolate, brownies or little fairy cakes, carrot sticks, hummus, a big pasta salad… basically anything small that you can share and pick at because picnics aren’t a rushed lunch, they’re a chilled out afternoon. Bring them in lunch boxes so you can open it all up and dish it out without needing extra bowls etc.


With all the excitement over food and cute snacks, it can be easy to forget about beverages. It can be thirsty work setting up a picnic, so get everyone to bring a keep cup and make up your favourite cordial like blackcurrant in a big bottle so you don’t have to do any tricky mixing when you get there. Hydration is so important on any day, especially when it’s sunny out… stay hydrated!


Even if you don’t have a basket with all the trimmings, you can easily bring some cutlery from home. Ask everyone to bring a spoon, fork and knife tied together with a ribbon or elastic band so you don’t have to use disposable plastic ones. Same goes for plates, bring a little side plate you can load up and take home after. The lunchboxes with food in them mean you don’t need big bowls or any other serving dishes.


Notice it’s blankets, plural? Sure you need a big bright pretty one for the ground to sit on but it’s a good idea to bring some extra ones for if it gets chilly (it is Ireland after all).

Sun cream

You should pretty much be wearing or carrying SPF every day to protect from the sun, but especially on a day you’re sitting around outside. Bring some with you so you can top it up every 20 minutes to ensure you don’t get any risky sun damage.

A rubbish bag

Not exactly glam, but if you’re not sure about public bins, you can’t be without a bag of some sort to gather up all the rappers and paper to put in the bin. No one likes a litterer!