6 Ways To Accessorise Your School Uniform (That Won’t Get You In Trouble)

From pins to hair slides


 After months of wearing whatever you want (which was mostly PJs, let’s be honest!) it’s time to get back into the uniform. 

While it’s super handy in the mornings, and so much easier and quicker when you’re still half asleep, those who like to show personality with their clothes can struggle a bit with this.

Some schools are super strict and picky about what you can and can’t wear with your uniform but most of the time, you can find some loophole around adding nice accessories. 

Check out our top picks…

 Cute hair clips


Hairclips were very in this summer with many digging up their old childhood butterfly clips to give their outfit a 90s/early 2000s vibe.  If you’re not into the nostalgia, there are lots of other clips and slides to suit your style. Most schools ask that your hair be tidy and neat, no mention of not wearing hair accessories. So if it’s allowed, go crazy! 


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Here are some of our faves:

Star and Moon, ASOS

Set of 3 hair clips – €5

Trendy studs 

A rule most schools have is that students must not be wearing any facial jewellery or are only allowed only one ring/one bracelet. But If you have lobe piercings and enjoy earrings, why not look around for some trendy studs that don’t break the school rules according to their size and give you your fashion statements back! Fun items like gummy bears, cola bottles, plants and just about every other object can be found in earring form, or if you like to keep things more refined you’ll find a block colour or pretty pair that will brighten even the plainest of uniforms. 



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Check out these gorgeous gummy bear studs!

Get a multi-pack of flowers and other cute bits from Claires, so you can switch it up at all times!



Most schools have no rules against putting pins on your school uniform as long as it’s not hiding the school crest and is appropriate. As long as you don’t pick anything controversial, you should be good to choose anything in the world as your pin and wear it with pride! Pins are very affordable and not to mention cute as heck! So why not invest in some cute pins and let your personality come through? 



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Here are a few we love!

Esty is a great place to find fun, individual pins with just about any theme.


Not ready to part with your tie-dye scrunchie? Don’t you worry! Again, many schools never mention a thing about what colour or style your hair ties should be, so this loophole means you can really go all in on colours and designs when it comes to your scrunchie! So whip it back out and flaunt it. 



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Get these awesome must-haves here:


Many schools ask that students wear black leather shoes, no runners, and no visible branding or heels. This leaves us with a small pool of options but not none! There are many black shoes that go with school pants and skirts without breaking the rules. So if you’ve got Doc Marten’s-style shoes you can show your style with these without breaking any rules.



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Check out our fave dupes here.

Face masks 

Some schools are asking students to wear masks the same colour as their uniform. If your school doesn’t have this rule, go wild with your mask, there are so many amazing Irish businesses making face coverings, and it’s always great to support local. Check out our faves here.


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Words: Anastasiya Sytnyk