6 Ways To Make The Most Of Every Day

It may sound cheesy, but life is short so make the most of it!

Make every day count, sure, we’ve all heard the saying a thousand times before, but how many of us actually do it? It’s only when tragedy strikes or stuff gets real that we realise just how lucky we are and how precious life is. So there’s always little things that we can do to make the most out of each and every day. No matter how cheesy you might think it is.

Tell your parents you love them

You’re probably not too vocal about how much you appreciate them, because, let’s face it, a lot of the time they’re super annoying. Simply telling your mum or your dad, or whoever looks after you that you appreciate them can make a huge difference. You’ll get all those good endorphins for being sound, and your parents will keep like all their hard work is paying off.

Challenge yourself

Okay, so life would be much easier if you never challenged yourself, but it would also be boring. Coasting through life is a cop-out and if you don’t push yourself you might just wake up one day and wonder what it’s all about. Your challenges can be big or small, it’s all about pushing yourself mentally and physically. Make a five-a-day, five-a-week or five-a-month plan – whatever you feel would work best – and by putting pen to paper you’re clearly setting your goals. As you progress, tick them off as you go and you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment and that you’re doing something worthwhile with your time.

Do something you love

If you love dancing, but only do it at the disco on a Saturday, think about applying at a hobby. If you love art class in school but feel a bit limited to your 40-minute class, consider some after school classes. Do what you love doing as much as you can and you’ll be a happier person for it. After all, it’s hard enough to get through the slog of school without being able to indulge in something you actually love. If you’re worried about money or time, try picking one day a week to do something you love at home? Love Bake Off? Try making something nice every Monday with your pals or your mam. Who knows, this could be the start of a very bright career!

Make positive affirmations

So simple, yet so effective, positive affirmations can turn your day from blah to brilliant in an instant. Sure, they sound a bit cheesy but know one needs to know you’re doing them. You don’t have to post them on your IG feed, just a few lines in the mirror is enough. Try something like ‘I am enough’ or ‘I can take on today’ to boost your confidence. We can sometimes be way too harsh on ourselves and think we’re not good enough so next time, instead of putting yourself down, stop and try ‘I am able to do anything I put my mind to’.

Make friends with your sister

Yes, she might bug the hell out of you, but one day your sister will be your best friend in the whole world! Laugh all you want but trust us, it happens. Sisters are truly amazing and such a great person to have in your corner. Is there another girl on the planet who knows you better? We doubt it! Even if you fight with her 24/7 just take a moment to appreciate that you’ve got a life-long pal in your sister… this applies to brothers too!

Stop talking, start doing

“I’ll definitely do that sometime…” How many times have you vowed to do something interesting or take on something new, but you just put it on the long finger? Stop talking about it, and just do it! Want to get more fresh air after school, off you go on a walk with your mum, want to be a fashion designer, start looking at videos, courses and people in that line of work to get the ball rolling. Opportunities don’t always come knocking, sometimes it’s about taking initiative and making a move yourself.