6 Ways To Make Your School Mornings Easier

Little steps to make a big difference.


With the slow, slow return of normality, we all need to start getting used to getting back into a routine and not rolling from our beds to our desks. With the return to school and college campuses well and truly underway, it can be hard to get back to normal or start somewhere new where you don’t know anyone or where anything is.

While it’s tempting to stay in bed until the absolute last minute, it’s never really worth it, is it?

  1. Pre-plan where you can

We know this sounds super cliche and boring but you would not believe how much time this will save you in the morning. By taking 20 minutes in your evening will make your mornings so much calmer.

Layout breakfast items, get your packed lunch together, fill you water bottle, make sure any uniform or outfit of the day is laid out, ready to go. Layout your makeup and skincare. If you’re getting public transport, make sure to top up your leap card, have your bus pass or have the correct change before you leave the house to avoid fumbling.

2. Get a real alarm clock

Has anyone owned an actual alarm clock since they got their first smartphone? By buying a cute alarm clock, you gain something cute to add to your bedroom aesthetic and you can have time away from your phone. With glitches and issues with forgetting to put on your phone alarm, a real clock can be a god-send. Plus if you’re still relying on your parents or guardian to come in an wake you, they’ll be thrilled by this mature step.

3. Hello darkness my old friend

While it’s tempting to stay on TikTok all night, the bright screens aren’t doing us any favours. It’s time to put the phone away, put the iPad down and turn off all the lights. Also, it’s a good idea to invest in black-out curtains so as to block out any street lamps. If you’re one of the many of us who bought LED strip lights, maybe use the multiple features to help wind down with warm-toned lighting, getting dimmer and dimmer until you’re ready to sleep.

4. Journaling 

Journalling doesn’t have to mean writing a big essay on every complex feeling you’d have throughout the day (though that’s okay too!), sometimes, a simple note on the good and bad parts of the day can help you to get them out if they’re feeling built up and you think they might keep you awake. Sometimes when we can’t sleep, our minds are too busy, so it’s best to un-busy them by throwing them onto a page. Whether it’s a cute notebook, or one of these fab journals, it will make a big difference to that busy mind.

5. First and last

Before you brush your teeth or put on your skincare, putting out a glass of water beside your bed can do wonders for you. First of all, it stops you from needing to get up in the middle of the night if you’re thirsty, and secondly it adds some hydration just before you go to sleep. Plus, when you wake up, having a few sips from the glass can help wake you up and ensure you hit your daily target. Get a cute bottle or just use a glass, but either way, it ensures you have a brilliant start and finish to your day by doing something that’s good for you.


  1. Plan something fun

A lot of the time, we dread and put off going to sleep because we don’t want to have to deal with the following day and all the boring or stressful things it holds. It’s important that you plan at least one thing you will enjoy something that will get you through double maths or supervised study. Whether it’s a nice lunch, a great podcast for the journey into school, something fun to watch or a facemask when you get home. Going to sleep knowing you have a something nice to look forward to can hugely help your mindset.


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By Sadhbh Pearse